What Are The Features Of Bayraktar Kızılelma Fighter Aircraft?

What Are The Features Of Bayraktar Kızılelma Fighter Aircraft?

Kızılelma, Turkey’s first unmanned warplane, was also featured in the world press. In the news, the characteristics of Kızılelma such as ammunition carrying capacity, flight altitude and speed were emphasized. So, what are the features of Bayraktar Red Apple? What does the red apple mean, where does the name of the plane come from?

Kızılelma is an unmanned fighter aircraft with turbofan engine and stealth feature, of which Turkey-based unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer Baykar Teknoloji continues to design and develop. The first concept studies for Bayraktar MİUS started in 2013. The most important development regarding the project took place on 20 July 2021. On this date, the first concept design images of Bayraktar MİUS and original information about the characteristics of the aircraft were shared with the authorities. public.

Fighter Aircraft

Bayraktar Kızılelma’s body is designed in accordance with invisibility technology. Thus, the aircraft is planned to have a low radar signature. Thanks to the vertical tails and the horizontal control surfaces (wings) at the front, Kızılelma’s high maneuverability is targeted.


Fighter Aircraft

Key Flight Performance Criteria

  • 500 Nm Working Radius
  • 35,000 Feet Operating Altitude
  • 5 Hours Broadcast Time
  • 6 Tons Maximum Takeoff Weight
  • 0.6 Mach Travel Speed
  • 1500 Kilogram Carrying Capacity
Fighter Aircraft

Advanced features

  • Automatic Landing and Takeoff
  • Low Visibility
  • High Maneuverability
  • Line of Sight and Line of Sight Communication
  • Take-off and Landing Capability from Short Runway Aircraft Carriers
  • High Situational Awareness with AESA Radar
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In Turkish mythology, the Red Apple is an expression for Turks and especially Oghuz Turks, symbolizing ideals or dreams that become more attractive as they move away. Starting from the oldest sources, the term red apple is used in the sense of “the ideal to be reached, the imaginary place to be reached” without clearly specifying where it came from. is seen. While some researchers try to reveal that the roots of the term go back to mythological ages in the Far East, others state that this motif, which is as old as human history, also exists in the Western world.

Fighter Aircraft

Over time, the concept becomes a symbol that determines ideals to be realized and places to be conquered. For the Oghuz Turks in Central Asia, wherever they go, the red apple becomes their goal and the name of their victory.

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