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Week in Review: What Happened This Week in Artificial Intelligence?

Week in Review: What Happened This Week in Artificial Intelligence?

Between April 29 and May 3, we have prepared a brief summary of all the developments in the field of artificial intelligence. Let’s take a look at the most up-to-date and important news together!

This week, we have witnessed a greater difference in artificial intelligence technologies compared to previous weeks.

We saw artificial intelligence tools that have been or will be integrated into social media platforms, smartphone brands and browsers.

At the same time, as every week, this week, experiments were made and conclusions were reached on how artificial intelligence will play a role in the field of health.

Let’s take a quick look at the week we left behind!

1- Turning Point in Gene Editing: Artificial Intelligence Could Solve Diseases!
Profluent found a way to edit human genes by analyzing biological data with artificial intelligence.

2- Samsung Starts to Offer Galaxy AI Features to Another Old Flagship!
Samsung started to offer Galaxy AI features to its old flagship series. If you have these phones, you can start using the features.

3- Now You Can All Have a Personal Assistant: It Will Be Enough to Pay ChatGPT!
OpenAI offers more advantageous options to its users by adding personal assistant features to ChatGPT’s memory feature.

4- Samsung Announces New Decision to Spend All Its Money!
Samsung says that Galaxy AI is the main reason for its profit in the first quarter of 2024. It also decides to direct its investments to artificial intelligence.

5- Opera Browser Will Trap Its Competitors With New Artificial Intelligence Features!
Opera has brought two different new features to its browser artificial intelligence Aria. The update called artificial intelligence feature version will make a big difference.

6- Airbnb Introduces New Artificial Intelligence Supported Features!
Popular travel app Airbnb is preparing to offer users even more convenience with its new artificial intelligence-supported features.

7- Artificial Intelligence has also taken over Pinterest: Artificial Intelligence-Powered Collages are Very Popular!
Artificial intelligence-powered collages offered by Pinterest to users have become unexpectedly popular and increased the overall usage rates of the platform.

8- OpenAI Prepares to Pull the Plug on Google: ChatGPT Supported Search Engine Coming?
According to the claims of a Reddit user, OpenAI will introduce its ChatGPT-supported search engine next week. So how true are these claims?

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