Summary of the Week: What Happened on Social Media Platforms This Week?

Summary of the Week: What Happened on Social Media Platforms This Week?

Between April 29 and May 3, we have gathered all the developments on social media platforms for you. Here are the details!

This week, new news from social media applications made users very happy. In addition to the Instagram algorithm deciding to highlight small accounts more, TikTok’s agreement with UMG again and the gradual return of the removed voices was one of the most important news of this week.

Telegram, WhatsApp and Snapchat also got some new features. These new features will pave the way for more productive and enjoyable time on these platforms.

Let’s take a quick look at this week.

1- Telegram Has Many New Features With New Update!
Telegram’s long-awaited major update was released today. Numerous new features were opened to users.

2- Meta Starts Offering Thousands of Dollars to Threads Content Creators!
Meta is trying to regain Threads’ lost active user base by offering payment to content creators.

3- Bad News for Influencers: Instagram Algorithm is Changing Completely!
Instagram is changing its algorithm to ensure that small accounts and original content creators get more engagement.

4- Snapchat Raises Expectations with New Features: It will overtake its competitors!
Snapchat is getting many new features that will offer advantages in messaging, especially the artificial intelligence-supported chat bot.

5- Reading Won’t End: X Introduces the Ability to Write Longer Biographies!
X has quietly launched a new feature. It will now be possible to write longer descriptions in biographies.

6- WhatsApp Is Doing Everything It Can To Make You A More Active User: Announced New Features!
WhatsApp has introduced a number of new features to Communities and groups. Users will now be able to spend time in the application more actively.

7- Dark News for Instagram Laughing Behind TikTok: New Deal with Universal Music!
Universal Music, which pulled all their voices from TikTok at the beginning of this year, made a new deal with the company. Artists and their voices are starting to return.

8- Thanks to the New Feature Coming to WhatsApp, You May Want to Message Non-stop!
WhatsApp is working on a feature that will list people who have recently been online. So how will this feature look and be used?

9- If your storage space is constantly full, the solution has arrived: WhatsApp Made Its Big Move!
WhatsApp has activated its new feature for users who have constant storage space problems on their phone.

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