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Week in Review: What Happened This Week in Artificial Intelligence?

Week in Review: What Happened This Week in Artificial Intelligence?

We have prepared a brief summary of all the developments in the field of artificial intelligence between May 20-24. Let’s take a look at the most up-to-date and important news together!

We left behind a week in which we witnessed companies joining forces to create new work. The fact that major companies in the field of artificial intelligence continue to move forward in a broader way leads to different results.

The addition of YouTube Music extension to Gemini, Microsoft’s integration of artificial intelligence into the gaming world and its collaborations with other companies were noteworthy.

Of course, we also saw new steps in the tension between Scarlett Johansson and OpenAI, which occupied the agenda this week. Let’s take another look at the summary of the week we left behind.

1- Gemini’s YouTube Music Extension is Live: How Does It Work?
Google is making it easier for users to get better results by adding YouTube Music to Gemini extensions.

2- Microsoft Exploded the Bomb: Artificial Intelligence Revolution Begins in Gaming!
Microsoft’s Copilot artificial intelligence is coming to revolutionize the gaming industry: Real-time guidance for video games.

3- Humane AI Pin Failed to Meet Expectations: Company Sets a New Course!
Humane AI Pin, which is thought to replace phones, is being put up for sale by the company due to its failure to meet expectations.

4- Slack’s Statement Divided Users: Your DMs are Used to Train Artificial Intelligence!
It was announced that users’ private messages are used to train Slack’s artificial intelligence brought to the platform.

5- Google’s “Dangerous” New Feature Concerned: Are Phone Calls Tapped?
A move that blurs the boundaries between privacy and artificial intelligence: Google’s wiretapping move adds a new dimension to the debate.

6- Shock After 10 Thousand Dollar Prize: Artificial Intelligence Brought Suspension to Students!
A university suspended two students after rewarding them for the artificial intelligence-supported study tool they developed.

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