Water Withdrawn 400 Meters in Lake Iznik

The drought also hit Iznik Lake, Turkey’s 5th largest lake. While the water level regressed 400 meters, the largest pier of the lake ran aground.

The world is struggling with drought… Many lakes and dams faced the danger of extinction after delayed rains across the world.

In Lake Iznik, one of Turkey’s largest freshwater resources, water withdrawal has reached alarming proportions due to seasonal drought.

Water Withdrawn 400 Meters

Iznik Lake, which is pulled 400 meters from the shore, is getting worse day by day.

The largest pier of the lake remained completely on land.

“The Biggest Pier Is On Land”

Bekir Uslu, who has a beach business on the shore of Lake Iznik, used the following statements;
“I have been a business owner by the İznik Lake for about twenty years. For twenty years I have not seen such a drought. The largest pier of Lake Iznik remained on land. In 2014, the basalika church in Iznik, which is among the ten most important inventions of the world, was found under water and now it is on land. Unfortunately, there are places where the water is about fifty meters to one hundred meters away from us, but there are places where the water recedes by a hundred, a hundred and two hundred meters in other parts. January is about to end. These lands have seen neither rain nor snow. Unfortunately, this drought is not a good omen. I hope there will be decent snow or rain in the coming days and this drought will be compensated a little bit. Because there has been a very extreme withdrawal. There is an extreme drought. It looks like there is no rain for the next ten days.”

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