Venomous Wagner Rock Viper Photographed in Tunceli

The poisonous ‘Wagner Rock Viper’ was photographed by a citizen in Tunceli. The highly poisonous species was previously seen in Tunceli in 2020.

Huseyin Deniz Gulmez, who went on a nature tour in Tunceli’s Pulumur District, noticed the extremely poisonous “Wagner Rock Viper” in the rocky area. Huseyin Deniz Gulmez, who photographed the viper with his mobile phone, later left the area.

Saying that they saw such a large snake for the first time, Huseyin Deniz Gulmez said, “We came across it while on a nature trip with friends. He lay motionless inside the cave. We took pictures of him without getting too close to him and left the area. We learned later that it is an extremely poisonous species,” he said.

Tunceli Nature Conservation and National Parks Directorate teams detected the deadly “Wagner Rock Viper” type snake for the first time in the city with their work in 2020.

The Wagner rock viper is rarely seen in Turkey. The viper, whose venom is very effective, can kill a person within 1 hour if the necessary intervention is not made when it bites.

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