Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Begins

The Valorant Champions Tour, one of the biggest International Valorant leagues in the world, starts today. Here are the matches of the first week…

First Game of the Tournament: Zeta Division vs. DRX (March 25)

DRX is a team that has made a name for itself by making their way forward in back-to-back international tournaments. Based in Korea, the team is the strongest Valorant team in Korea and currently the strongest organization in the Pacific. Zeta, which was founded in Japan, on the other hand, drew a rising graphic in the past international tournaments and started to make a name for itself in the Pacific Conference.

DRX and Zeta have met 5 times in the past tournaments and DRX has an overall lead of 4-1. Although DRX is shown as the favorite in their match on March 25, Zeta seems to have the necessary equipment to reverse this situation.

Second Match: T1 vs Global Esports (March 25)

Both of these teams lost their starting matches at the VCT LOCK//IN held in Sao Paolo, Brazil, last February. Right now, these two teams will meet to reverse their unfortunate fortunes.

Both teams have players with experience in international tournaments. In addition, both teams are home to mosaic culture. Although they have some personal problems in LOCK//In, they will try to reverse this in the next tournament.

Game Three: Paper Rex vs DTM (March 26)

Paper Rex is one of the latest teams to face in the international arena. Despite losing in LOCK//In, they will continue their dominant playstyle to win in the Pacific tournament. Paper Rex, the e-Sports organization founded in Singapore, is the favorite champion candidate in the Pacific after DRX.

On the other hand, DFM is unlikely to win. Even though they have a team of Japan’s most talented E-Sportsmen, they failed to perform spectacularly in VCT LOCK//In. A possible Paper Rex win will give this talented team the necessary confidence.

Two teams that know each other well: Team Secret vs. Talon (March 26)

The players of Team Secret and Talon teams had met each other many times before, and Team Secret was the winner of these encounters. Although they have new players, their old rivalries will flare up again.

Both teams have made impressive strides in LOCK//In and will naturally want to continue that in VCT Pacific. This match, which will be one of the most anticipated matches in the first week, will attract attention due to its talented players.

Last Match of the Week: Rex Regum Qeon vs. Gen.G (27 March)

After both teams lost their VCT LOCK//In games, they made minor changes to their teams. Adding new talents to their teams, these two teams seem to have excited E-Sports fans.

Although RRQ is one of Valorant’s favorites in Asia, they are still a team that has not been able to shine in major tournaments. Against Gen.G, they need to play the best game they have ever played in order to have a chance to win. Because Gen.G made moves and statements showing that they took their defeat in LOCK//In very seriously and that they learned from their mistakes. Although the Gen.G team is the favorite of this match, saying that they have corrected the lack of communication in the team, RRQ seems to be able to turn things around with their experience.

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