Unusual Winter on Mount Nemrut

Unusual Winter on Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, is experiencing an unusual winter season this year due to drought. Mount Nemrut, which starts every year due to snowfall at the end of November and is the tourist season until the beginning of April of the next year, has been affected by drought.

Mount Nemrut, which is 2,206 meters high and has huge statues, turned white this year and could not hibernate.

It is known that such a situation has never happened on Mount Nemrut.

There is almost no snow on the summit of Mount Nemrut, where the snow thickness reaches 5-6 meters due to the drought in winter.

Mount Nemrut, which was closed to tourism for a week due to snow that fell on January 15 and reached a height of 20 cm, started to host tourists again.


When the authorities look at the records and archives, they say that such a situation has not been encountered in previous years. Mount Nemrut, whose roads have been opened, welcomes tourists for the first time in winter.

In the middle of winter, local and foreign tourists continue to come to Mount Nemrut, which is known for its cool air even in summer.

Archaeologist Mustafa Çelik, Director of Adıyaman Museum Directorate, said in a statement on the subject that they are not normally used to this situation.


Çelik said, “Because, due to the height of 2 thousand 206 meters, there will be 2-3 meters of snow towards the middle of autumn. Then it reaches 5-6 meters. Tourists can go out very easily.” I said.

Çelik stated that there was an extraordinary situation when looking at the past records and archives on Mount Nemrut, which was closed every year for this period.


Hayriye Yazıcıoğlu, who came from Mersin, said, “As far as I can see on TV, there is a lot of snow, the roads are closed. They are trying to open the roads. But we have seen that there is snow this year too. It is a real drought. Especially in dams and lakes, roads, stones, soils, water have been withdrawn. “The water level is incredibly low,” he said.


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