Unknown Disease in Tokat: Loss of Sensation Occurred in Many People

In a shoe factory in Tokat, 19 workers were hospitalized for an unknown reason within 20 days. The activity of the workshop was stopped while the patients with loss of sensation and weakened walking abilities were taken under control.

19 workers working in the shoe factory in Çamlıbel district of Tokat, which has been active for about 3 years, became ill for an unknown reason 20 days ago. Workers experienced ailments such as weight loss, numbness in the limbs, and loss of walking ability. The workers who were treated at Tokat Gazi Osmanpaşa University Hospital, Kayseri Training and Research Hospital have not been diagnosed yet.


It was learned that the activities of the workshop in Çamlıbel were stopped and an investigation was started by the Ministry of Health on the subject. It was stated that the diagnosis of the workers could not be determined and they would be transferred to Ankara Gazi Mustafa Kemal Occupational and Environmental Diseases Hospital for the continuation of the treatments.


Eda Nur Delioğlan, 25, who fell ill at her workplace and was treated at the hospital, stated that she could not get up without support and said, “This happened in the factory where I work. They say it is caused by a substance in the chemical we use. It first started with nausea, dizziness and loss of appetite. These symptoms were present for 1 month. Afterwards, my legs started to get tired, and I started having trouble climbing the stairs. I couldn’t get up without the support of one person. Then I started to fall,” She said.


21-year-old Şaziye Karakuş, who became ill at the factory where she worked and was hospitalized, said that the diagnosis of the disease could not be made, but that it could be caused by the adhesive substance. “Then there was weakness and weight loss, and the last was walking loss. My right leg and toes are numb, I don’t feel it. Currently, our disease has not been diagnosed, but they said it was from the glue we used.”

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