United Nations: The Cost of Earthquake to Turkey Will Exceed 100 Billion Dollars

According to the calculations of the United Nations, the World Bank and the EU, the cost of the devastating earthquakes to Turkey has become clear. The cost of the earthquake to Turkey will exceed 100 billion dollars.

As a result of the calculations made in the light of the information obtained from the data of the United Nations, the World Bank and the European Union, the financial costs of the two major earthquakes that took place in eastern Turkey a month ago were revealed.

Earthquake Cost More Than $100 Billion to Turkey

“According to calculations made to date, the damage reflected by the government and approved by international partners will clearly exceed $100 billion,” said Louisa Vinton, head of the United Nations Development Programme, via video conference in Gaziantep.

After the earthquakes on February 6, according to the latest data, the loss of life in Turkey has exceeded 46 thousand. A major donor conference is scheduled for next week as part of the UN Development Programme. It is reported that donations from the international community will be collected at the event, which will be held on March 16 for earthquake victims in Brussels, Belgium.

Vinton underlines that the cost of $100 billion announced within the scope of this event will be based. As it will be remembered, the World Bank had previously estimated Turkey’s loss as approximately 34.2 billion dollars. It seems that the actual cost is several times that.

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