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Zelensky Announces: Ukraine Lost $600 Billion Due to War

Explaining that the financial loss of the war with Russia was heavy, Zelensky said, “It is estimated that Ukraine’s loss from this war will reach 600 billion dollars.”

According to the news in Sozcu Newspaper, in his speech to the nation, Zelensky said, “Ukraine’s losses from this war reach an estimated 600 billion dollars. More than 32 million square meters of living space, more than 1500 educational facilities and more than 350 health facilities, factories and factories. destroyed or damaged Economic assets suffered huge losses Hundreds of businesses destroyed About 2,500 kilometers of roads and about 300 bridges destroyed or damaged And this is not just statistics Mariupol, this is Volnovakha, this is Okhtyrka, this is Chernihiv, this is Borodyanka and dozens of our cities, towns and villages ” said.

5 Million Ukrainians Went Abroad

Stating that millions of Ukrainians were displaced or went abroad due to the war, Zelensky said, “More than 11.5 million Ukrainians were displaced due to the war, and about 5 million of them went abroad. 95 percent of them already want to return home. Therefore, a comfortable Europe Ukraine “An urgent plan needs to come out to rebuild the country,” he said.

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