Twitch Announces: Coming Tags Feature to Adult Content

Twitch will offer its users a more practical Twitch interface with the latest update. Details are here!

Twitch,the live broadcasting platform, has changed its game-centered broadcasting approach after its decision in the past years.Twitch, which allows broadcasters to produce content in the focus of chat, will now give these broadcasts tags that define the concept of content.

Twitch Launches Tag Feature

Twich exercises strict control over adult content and is uncompromising within the platform’s rules. Twtch, who does not want to broadcast live on certain topics, will now classify the broadcasts with tags under the allowed titles.

Twitch Announces

Twitch’s determined tags will be used by broadcasters to express their broadcast content. In this way, viewers will be able to reach the broadcasts that are suitable for them in a more practical way.

With the new tags made available on the live broadcast platform, broadcasters will now be able to announce their broadcasts with more specific expressions.

Here are some tags that can be used onTwitch:

  • adult game
  • sexual themes
  • Use of drugs, harmful substances or excessive tobacco use
  • Depictions of violence, blood, brutality
  • Excessive slang and profanity
  • Gambling

Twitchwill send alerts via email if the content tags provided by the streamers don’t match the live streams. With this update, it will protect the young audiences as well as ensuring that advertisers and publishers meet on a common ground.

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