Turkish Student Won First Place In International Mathematics Competition

Turkish student won first place in international mathematics competition

Emir Talha Yıldızhan, a 5th grade student in Isparta, succeeded in being the first in the International Caribou Mathematics Competition.

Emir Talha Yıldızhan, a 5th grade student in Isparta, succeeded in being the first in the International Caribou Mathematics Competition. 11-year-old Emir Talha Yıldızhan, who was educated at the Martyr Police Mehmet Karaca Tilki Science and Art Center (BİLSEM), came first in the category of 5th and 6th grades 18,333. answered correctly all 15 questions asked in the competition in which the student participated.

Emir Talha Yıldızhan told reporters that success comes with planned work. Yıldızhan stated that her math talent was noticed by her teacher in the first grade and said, “My teacher Kadir Uysal, who discovered my math ability, wanted to enroll me in BİLSEM. I took the exam, when I got my diploma, I took that exam. My love for mathematics increased. I worked every day to improve myself. By my teachers. I was very proud when I was told that I would participate in the international mathematics competition. I was expecting a degree when I participated in the competition. But I did not think about the first place. When the results were announced, there were 15 clear answers in 15 questions. By doing this, I became the first in the world, I am very happy.” Expressing that he wants to be a neurosurgeon in the future, Yıldızhan stated that he will continue to participate in national and international competitions.

International Mathematics Competition

Father Alparslan Yıldızhan also stated that they are proud of the result of the competition and said, “My son has been interested in mathematics since he was little. We have always tried to support our child. We have held activities related to mathematics at school. My son has been playing the piano since he was 4 years old. “We are glad that the horizons have opened up. The world championship will put pressure on our son, but I believe he will overcome it.” Faruk Abdullah Özcan, Director of BİLSEM, stated that nearly 700 talented children receive education at the center and said, “Most of our students achieve degrees in national and international competitions. Derya Denizgür, a mathematics teacher working at BİLSEM, said, “The mathematics exam in Canada aims to measure the intelligence of students. Emir Talha is very interested in mathematics and science, I hope he will make us proud with better achievements in the future.” said.


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