Turkish doner kebab is the most ordered dish in the Netherlands

Turkish doner kebab is the most ordered dish in the Netherlands

While Kapsalon Doner was the most ordered dish from the internet in 2022 in the Netherlands, it was stated that this dish consisting of french fries, doner kebab, cheddar cheese, salad and sauce is especially preferred in the regions where the Dutch live. where foreigners live. in the country.

In the 2022 report of Thuisbezorgd, the largest online food ordering platform in the Netherlands, it was noted that the most ordered dish is kapsalon döner.

According to the report, Kapsalon is the first dish in 7 of the country’s 12 regions and the second most ordered dish in one region.

Selahattin Dağaşan, owner of Hilal Shoarma restaurant in Amsterdam, the capital city of Amsterdam, said, “We sell 40-50 capsalons on weekdays, 100-120 on weekends, sometimes up to 150.” aforementioned.

Dağaşan stated that the Dutch often prefer capsalon because they love potatoes and cheese. That’s why he’s so loved.”


In Thuisbezorgd’s report, Dağaşan stated that he found it interesting that the most ordered dish on 14 February 2022 Valentine’s Day was kapsalon. made its assessment.

Dağaşan said, “The sauce lovers like it the most. We have a special sauce made with mayonnaise and garlic. We have hot sauce. It is very good when mixed with melted cheese, potatoes and meat.” used expressions.

Indicating that Kapsalon ranks first in the regions bordering Germany and Belgium, where the Dutch live intensely, Dağaşan said, “While we see that other dishes are preferred in places such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague where foreigners live heavily, we see that Kapsalo is consumed more. aforementioned.

Stating that Kapsalon is one of the two most preferred dishes in the Netherlands, Dağaşan said that in recent years it has started to be made in other countries and homes.


Frankie Ruiz, 24, from the USA, stated that he likes kapsalon doner kebab very much. aforementioned.

Luke Cota, 29, from the USA, said that he was not surprised that kapsalo is the most ordered dish in the Netherlands. tried it, and the first four days later he came to eat Kapsalon.” said.

Dutchman Sijmen de Hoogh also stated that he loves Turkish cuisine and said, “We come here for lunch almost every Friday. It is very tasty and different from Dutch food.” used expressions.

Turkish doner kebab

Turkish doner kebab is the most ordered dish in the Netherlands


Kapsalon Döner, meaning “barber” in Dutch, was created by Derviş Bengü, the owner of the El Aviva restaurant in Rotterdam, on a different order from the neighboring barbershop in 2003-2004.

Bengü stated that the “kapsalon” meal emerged when his barber neighbor asked him to mix fried potatoes, meat, melted cheese, salad and sauce in a bowl, and he named the menus “kapsalon”, inspired by the barber who ordered.

Noting that Kapsalon first spread to restaurants in Rotterdam, Bengü stated that the fame of the dish went beyond the borders of the Netherlands to countries such as Belgium, America and India.

Turkish doner kebab is the most ordered dish in the Netherlands

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