Turkey’s Domestic and National Ballistic Missile Tayfun Also Disturbed the UAE

The Tayfun ballistic missile, which Turkey tested by launching from Rize and produced with domestic and national resources, took place in the Greek press with the headlines “We are in great concern”. United Arab Emirates newspapers, on the other hand, stated in their news about Tayfun that “Turkey tested the ballistic missile it secretly developed”.

A new achievement has been added to Turkey’s achievements in the field of defense industry. Rocket Industry and Trade Inc. Test shots of the domestic missile ‘Tayfun’ developed by (ROKETSAN) was held in Rize.


The test, which was carried out the previous day, was widely covered in the foreign press. US-based Bloomberg shared the details of the missile test with its readers. According to the news based on two sources, it was stated that the missile landed on the shores of Sinop.


The development received wide coverage in the Greek press. Asking the question “How is Turkey raising the threat”, Ta Nea made the following statement in his news; “The distance traveled by the missile is twice the distance between Izmir and Athens.”

Ballistic Missile


Kathimerini newspaper underlined that the Turkish authorities refused to give any information about the project and that the project was carried out in great secrecy, and said that the Eleftherostypos missile test “raised deep concerns in the military circles of all neighboring states”.


The missile, which is stated to have a range of more than 300+ km, was also discussed on the ‘Al Arabiya News’ site of the United Arab Emirates. In the news about TAYFUN, the expressions “Turkey tested the ballistic missile it secretly developed” were used. In addition, the report said, “The Presidency of Defense Industries, which oversees the development of domestic weapons, did not provide any information about the project.”

Turkey’s “Tayfun Ballistic Missile” Frightened Greece

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