Turkey’s Champagne Imports Explode

Turkey’s Champagne Imports Explode

Comite Champagne announced that the champagne exports of French producers to Turkey increased by 120 percent in 2022. According to Trade Data Monitor data, it is thought that some countries that increased their imports of champagne may have re-exported these products to Russia because of the champagne. embargo.

Champagne exports from France to the Gulf countries increased significantly last year.

According to figures released by Comite Champagne this month, French producers exported approximately 1.9 million bottles of champagne to the United Arab Emirates, up 75 percent last year, while champagne exports to Turkey increased by 120 percent.

The EU banned the export of luxury goods to Russia after the invasion of Ukraine last year.

Champagne Imports Explode

However, Russian citizens were able to travel to the United Arab Emirates and neighboring countries after the invasion. L’Union des Maisons de Champagne Co-President David Chatillon noted that Russia’s travels to these countries had a positive impact on sales in places such as the Gulf region.

Champagne exports from Turkey to Russia increased by 182 percent

According to Geneva-based Trade Data Monitor data, it is thought that some countries with an increase in imports may have re-exported these products to Russia. According to these data of Trade Data Monitor, champagne exports from Turkey to Russia increased by 182 percent in 2022.

On the other hand, while Comite Champagne did not impose an export ban, it was stated that there was no request for a certificate of origin from the manufacturers for shipments to Russia after the invasion.

According to the announced data, the USA, UK and Japan were at the top of the list as the largest international champagne markets after France. Total worldwide sales of champagne exceeded 6 billion euros in 2022, breaking a record.

Turkey’s Champagne Imports Explode

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