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140 Percent Increase in South Korean Arms Exports

140 Percent Increase in South Korean Arms Exports

In the shadow of the Russia-Ukraine War, South Korea achieved a record 140 percent increase in arms exports in 2022.

According to an evaluation article on South Korea’s defense industry published in the New York Times, interest in weapons production increased in the world after the Russia-Ukraine War. trying to increase its market share.

Although South Korea refrained from providing direct arms aid to the Kiev administration in order not to damage its relations with Russia, it made high sales to Poland last year, which is one of the countries that supply the most arms to Kiev. It is interpreted that some South Korean weapons have already arrived in Ukraine on the grounds that they are using the chassis of their howitzer. He argued that it was questionable how strictly he would enforce his controls.

Sold weapons worth $12.4 billion to Poland

South Korea’s arms exports in 2022 reached a record $17 billion 300 million, an increase of 140 percent, including the $12 billion 400 million deal for the sale of tanks, howitzers, warplanes and multiple rocket launchers to Poland. After Eastern European countries sent Soviet-era weapons to Ukraine, South Korea became an attractive option to replenish their army stocks. Orders from Poland promise to make the country the fourth largest arms exporter by 2027, after the United States, Russia and France. It was seen as an important opportunity for South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol.

South Korean Arms Exports

140 Percent Increase in South Korean Arms Exports

South Korea became the 8th country in the world in arms exports

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), from 2017 to 2021, South Korea was ranked 8th among the world’s 25 largest arms exporters as “the fastest growing country in this field”. Son Jae II, President of South Korean defense company Hanwha, said he hopes to help NATO by producing weapons that the US no longer supplies or can’t procure quickly enough. “The geopolitical position has made it our destiny to develop the defense industry,” Son said. Noting that the USA produces high-level weapons such as aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines in competition with Russia and China, Son stated that South Korea focuses on medium-level weapons such as artillery, armored vehicles and tanks.

140 Percent Increase in South Korean Arms Exports

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