Turkey to Host World Cup in Modern Pentathlon

Veli Ozan Cakir, President of the Turkish Modern Pentathlon Federation, said that it is the first time in history that Turkey will host both the stage and the finals of the World Cup.

Veli Ozan Cakir made an assessment to the AA correspondent about the 4th stage, which will start tomorrow and continue until 12 June in Ankara, and the final stages, which will take place on 23-26 June.

Reminding that there were only 4 medals in world cups in Turkish modern pentathlon history, Cakir stated that this number has already increased to 3 in the first 3 races in 2022.

Cakir continued his words as follows:

“As much as we are proud of the medals, what made us happy and hopeful the most was the rapid adaptation of our athletes to this new system of the modern pentathlon, despite the fact that it was the first time it took place with the new format. Of course, all eyes are now on the world cup and final, which will take place for the first time in our country this month. It is the first time in the world that it has hosted both the final and a stage.The fact that UIPM gave the World Cup 4th Stage and the World Cup Final to our country is a result of the steps taken so far, as well as a reflection of the positive impressions our country has left in the international arena in recent years. This is a development with high prestige and pride for our country.”

Explaining that they are very excited to host, Cakir said, “As all the stakeholders of the modern pentathlon, we have joined hands and by demonstrating our country’s international organizational ability, it is among our biggest goals to complete these two giant organizations with the best of our faces. The organizations to be held in Ankara in June, It will be held as it will be in the Paris 2024 Olympics. Our 24 athletes will have the opportunity to compete in a world cup for the first time. This is a first in the history of modern pentathlon. It is also a good thing that more of our athletes will have a world cup experience with the world’s best pentathletes with the host country advantage. It will be experience.” used the phrases.

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