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Turkey is Helping Libya

Turkey is helping Libya!

Following the flood disaster in Libya, teams consisting of AFAD, police, gendarmerie, Ministry of Health UMKE and non-governmental organizations sent by Turkey to help Libya have arrived in Libya.
The teams started their work by establishing a field hospital. Turkey is currently helping Libya.
Turkey took action after the flood disaster caused by Storm Daniel, which was effective in the east of Libya. With the support of the Ministry of National Defense, AFAD, police, gendarmerie, UMKE affiliated to the Ministry of Health and teams from non-governmental organizations and humanitarian aid have reached Libya.

Turkey is helping Libya

The teams will help the disaster victims in Derna, the city most affected by the flood disaster. UMKE and UMKE ATAK teams are intervening the wounded in the field hospital established in Derna by UMKE and UMKE ATAK teams, while also conducting health screening in the field.

Şükrü Yorulmaz, Head of Disaster Department of Emergency Health Services of the Ministry of Health, said: “As you know, there was a major disaster in Derna, Libya. With the instructions of our Minister of Health, we quickly moved to the region with our UMKE and UMKE Attack teams. We quickly set up a field hospital.

Turkey is helping Libya

Again, we made a scene assessment with our teams and directed our search and rescue teams to the appropriate place. We also provide healthcare support to other search and rescue teams in the field. We have intervened in many patients in our hospital here.

There are many injured people coming in. Since very serious search and rescue operations are being carried out and search and rescue teams are also exposed to secondary trauma, we constantly examined trauma patients throughout the day. From time to time, locals with chronic diseases also apply to us. Here again, our experienced specialist doctors make the first intervention and organize the necessary evaluations and treatments.”

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