Turkey Says Goodbye to the Mask! Decision Coming Soon!

The Coronavirus Scientific Committee will evaluate the mask and quarantine decisions at its meeting tomorrow. While the use of masks is expected to be removed in all closed areas, it is stated that the abolition of the quarantine period is also discussed. It has been reported that the use of masks in schools will not be mandatory. On the other hand, it is thought that the two areas where masks will be used will be hospitals and public transportation.

With the number of coronavirus cases falling below 5 thousand, the peak period of the epidemic has passed. In this context, some restrictions taken during the pandemic period have been removed. It was also discussed that other restrictions that were being applied should be removed.

‘The Most Important Meeting’

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, evaluating the last point reached in the pandemic, said in a statement recently, “Our patients in intensive care units in our hospitals are gradually decreasing, coronavirus services are slowly closing. Important meetings of the Board of Directors.” I said.

Fahrettin Koca
Turkish Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca

Mask and Quarantine Obligation to be Discussed

According to the news of Sabah, after this development, in the Scientific Committee that will meet tomorrow; It will be on the agenda to wear masks in closed areas and to remove the one-week quarantine after a while. It has been reported that the removal of the mask in all closed areas, except for certain areas, will be on the agenda. While it is expected that the mask requirement will continue in public transportation and hospitals, it is estimated that the mask rule will be removed in schools. At this meeting, it was stated that the abolition of the one-week quarantine period given to corona patients will also be discussed.

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