Turkey Ranks 2nd in Antibiotic Resistance

Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary Dean Prof. Dr. Ender Yarsan, stating that 1 person dies as a result of an infection caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria every 45 seconds in the world, said, “Turkey ranks 2nd in the world ranking. Antibiotic resistance according to OECD data. Dean of Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Noting that there are currently 1600 drugs licensed for animal health services and more than half of them are antibiotics, Yarsan said, “Apart from this, vitamins, minerals and parasites are followed, but antibiotics are the most important. group. Antibiotics are the most widely used group of drugs in human medicine. OECD said, “According to the data, Turkey is the country where antibiotics are used the most.


Could it Create a Pandemic in the Future?

prof. Stating that antibiotics are used twice as often in veterinary medicine, Yarsan said, “When we use antibiotics, the important thing is to provide direct treatment, but harmful effects may also occur from antibiotics. The risk of residues may occur. It is extremely important. The medicine we use reflects on the animal product and animals can also be reflected on the society through the products. One of the most important risks. One of them is the risk of antibiotic resistance, which is a concern that it may cause a pandemic. Apart from that, antibiotics also have a direct negative effect on the systems. There are also allergic effects. The concept we call antibiotic resistance, the drug has the recommended dose. “It reaches a certain plasma level and then begins to manifest itself. Effect. Even if we use the antibiotic in normal doses, if the bacteria are not affected by the drug, it is expressed as resistance to that drug.


1 Person Will Die Every 3 Seconds

Reminding that the Covid-19 pandemic, which emerged at the end of 2019, affected the whole world on an international scale, Yarsan said, “It started at the end of 2019, today we are in 2022. The death rate from Covid-19 is about 6 million people in a 2.5-year period. According to the data, the European Union 33 thousand people in their countries, 35 thousand people in the United States, 700 thousand people all over the world and as a result 1 person die every 45 seconds. It is an infection caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In the research, the number of people who will die in a year in the world was determined as 10. million in 2050. At the international level, ‘What can be done for you to solve this problem?’ looking,” he said.


Antibiotics should be used in recommended doses

Stating that other drugs have been tried instead of antibiotics, but the same effect could not be achieved, Yarsan said, “Therefore, antibiotics are drugs that need to be evaluated. Then we use them rationally. In other words, antibiotics will not be taken from anywhere at random. “There has been a development, there will be no ‘don’t use antibiotics’ approach. The dose and duration specified in the package insert should be followed. Otherwise, the effects of antibiotic resistance will emerge.

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