Turkey Minimum Wage Figures Announced. What Is the Minimum Wage Net Salary in 2022?


There was a curious wait for the minimum wage 2022 salary hike. Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati announced that the minimum wage will be announced today. So how much and how much was the minimum wage in 2022? Here are the minimum wage figures.

An important statement about the Minimum Wage came from the Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati. Speaking in the parliament, Minister Nabati stated that a statement will be made about the minimum wage today and said, “We will see a rate that will not be crushed in the face of inflation as it has been so far.”

Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Bilgin, in his presentation to the deputies during the budget negotiations, stated that when the minimum wage is announced, it will create a festive atmosphere, “We do not know what you expect from here. However, we will realize a serious minimum wage increase that will meet the expectations of the society.” he said.

In his statement on the minimum wage, Minister Bilgin said, “Sometimes there are many figures such as 10 million-15 million workers with minimum wage. These figures are not true, I know the truth. We receive a premium because we receive taxes. There are approximately 6 million minimum wages. “The minimum wage is the minimum wage. The majority of our employees, 37 percent, said that they expect between 3,700 and 4 thousand. I saw that the workers in small businesses demand less. We don’t know what you expect from here, but we will make a serious minimum wage turkey increase that will meet the expectations of the society.” Minister Bilgin stated that when the minimum wage is announced, it will create a festive atmosphere and said, “It is important to announce at a higher level, we are experiencing economic contraction. May the minimum wage protect our employees, and at the same time, let Turkey breathe a sigh of relief due to the economic fluctuations experienced by Turkey and the whole world. I would like to state that we will bring it to the next level”.

Highlights of the Minimum Wage from the Statements of AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş

When Will the Minimum Wage Be Announced?

It was determined by our Ministry of Labor. It’s actually common. Bringing everyone together meticulously will be paid fairly. he said

President Erdogan Announced the Minimum Wage! Here Is the Minimum Wage in Turkey That Will Be Valid in 2022: 4250 TL

Minimum Wage 4 Thousand 250 Tl Income and Stamp Tax Removed

In 2022, the lowest figure of the minimum wage will be applied as 4 thousand 250 liras. The minimum wage increase was 50 percent. We abolish income tax and stamp tax on the minimum wage.

We are determined to put an end to the uncertainty caused by exchange rate fluctuations and exorbitant price increases as soon as possible. I believe that with the new measures we will take, we will go a long way towards strengthening the environment of stability and trust. While making a historical increase in the minimum wage, we reduced the additional cost of this to the employer by 450 liras.

In his speech, Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Bilgin briefly;

Minimum wage is very important for our country. I congratulate our unions who contributed to this process. We have felt the moral support of our President, who has been protecting labor and the social state from the beginning, during this process.”

TİSK President Özgür Burak Akkol said, “Our state is trying to do its best. Our point of view is also very clear. There can be no employer without employees.”

Additional raise to the minimum wage. What will the 2022 minimum wage be?

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