Turkey Is an Opportunity for Foreign Investors

ERDOĞAN: Our common goal with the UAE is to take our bilateral relations to higher levels in every field. Turkey has very attractive legislation and practice in setting up and doing business.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met with business people and investors from the UAE during his visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Erdogan said in his speech:
GOAL HIGHER LEVELS: We signed 13 agreements. The UAE is Turkey’s main trading partner in the Gulf region. Even during the period of stagnation in our bilateral relations, our commercial relations have maintained their volume, and the partnerships between our private sectors have preserved their vitality. This is proof that our bilateral economic and human relations have a deep-rooted history and a solid infrastructure. Our current common goal is to take our bilateral relations to a much higher level in every field.
WE ARE TAKING THE NECESSARY STEPS: The UAE offers high-tech companies and start-ups financial support and favorable investment opportunities. Turkey, on the other hand, is leading new initiatives that have a name on a global scale, developing advanced technology with its dynamic and young population. I believe that as countries that complement each other economically, we will come a long way in a short time. We are also taking the necessary steps to strengthen our economic connections in all areas, especially road, airline, banking and finance. Turkey is a country that stands out with its 85 million population, rising industrial production, qualified employment capacity, physical infrastructure and geographical location.


INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION: The events experienced during the coronavirus epidemic have clearly demonstrated the strength and resilience of the Turkish economy and the distance it has covered in the last 20 years. We managed the epidemic process peacefully with our political stability, rapid decision-making mechanisms and our understanding of management that encourages production, employment and investment. We achieved a growth rate of 1.8 in 2020, when the global economy contracted by 3.4 percent. In the same period, we were among the countries with the highest increase in industrial production in the G20. The epidemic, which is effective throughout the world, opened new windows to countries with high production capacity such as Turkey.
INCREASED INTEREST: Turkey offers significant advantages, especially for investors looking for an alternative to the Asian-based production network. As a matter of fact, the interest of international investors in our country is increasing. Companies that previously preferred Turkey are increasing their investments. We are a country that has managed to attract more than $239 billion of direct international investment since 2003. The most concrete example of this is that we are the second country in the Middle East and Europe to receive the most international direct investments in the last 16 years. It is a symbol of trust in Turkey. In addition, Turkey has extremely attractive legislation and practices in terms of starting a business and job opportunities. Our steps towards improving the infrastructure environment and connecting transport corridors offer additional opportunities.
WE ARE READY TO SUPPORT: The task of the leaders is to create a consensus ground on which cooperation will rise in every field from trade to defense, from tourism to energy and transportation. However, those who will reveal the real potential of the two countries in trade and investments are the valuable members of our business world. Our Presidential Ministries of Commerce, Industry and Technology, Investment Finance and Transformation Offices and other institutions are ready to provide all necessary support for your new investment projects.



President Erdoğan met with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Emir of Dubai, at the leadership exhibition area at Dubai Expo 2020. Erdoğan and Al Maktoum chaired the meeting between delegations.



Returning to Turkey after his two-day official visit to the UAE, President Erdoğan made statements on Twitter. Emphasizing that the visit was completed successfully, Erdogan said, “We support the security and stability of the UAE. We do not see the security of the Gulf Region as separate from our own security. We are also pleased with the will to maintain this will and act. The momentum gained in our cooperation is mutual.”


A step towards developing growing strategic relationships
President Erdogan’s visit to the UAE made headlines in the country’s press. The UAE official news agency WAM highlighted that the visit is an important step towards developing the growing strategic relations between the two regional partners. The report noted that the economy has been one of the pillars of cooperation between the two countries since the establishment of the UAE. WAM argued that the visit of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Nahyan to Turkey in November 2021 strengthens ties around mutual interests. In the news of Gulf News, it was written that Turkish steel producers and textile companies could benefit from the development of relations. The newspaper also included the comments of Turks living in the UAE. National, on the other hand, stated that the visit opened a new positive page in the bilateral relations between the two countries.

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