“Turkey is a Leading Country in the Textile Industry”

Finnish Minister of Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade, Ville Skinnari, stated that they were in Turkey within the scope of a very important visit for both Turkey and Finland, and that they made this visit with more than 20 leading Finnish companies from different sectors.

Stating that there are large and successful construction companies in Turkey and that Finland has innovation and technology in this field, Skinnari noted that Turkey and Finland can carry out joint projects in this region and in third markets.

Stating that Turkey and Finland have strong and good relations, Skinnari said, “Turkey is a leading country in the textile industry. Finland has great innovations in this field. In the long run, Turkey and Finland can make many joint ventures in third markets.” said.

Pointing to the existence of circular economy in investment and new business models, Skinnari said, “Old production models are wasted too much. This can be avoided with new production models. We do not need to go to far Asia for production in old production models. Turkey can achieve this with new production models and innovations. ” used the phrases.


Ville Skinnari pointed out that Turkey is a center in the region in terms of supply chain and production, and noted that supporting logistics chains with digital platforms and combining maritime transport and trains will contribute to the protection of nature, saving more time and money.

Stating that Finland continues its hard work on 5G and the upcoming 6G, Skinnari said, “We have launched our new 5G laboratory with Nokia in Istanbul. This is a great partnership. Why is it great? Because startups will participate, young people will participate and they will carry out the innovation needed in different industrial areas. ” said.

Expressing that Finland plans to produce more in Turkey and wants to establish joint ventures, Skinnari said, “We want to create employment for both countries and grow together. We held talks in Turkey in communication, economy, trade and many other fields.” he said.

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