Turgut Village

Turgut Village

Turgut Village is a place in the southwest of Marmaris, 9 kilometers after Bayir and has made great improvements in tourism every year. It is one of the popular stopping points of Jeep safari tours. Carpet making is also at the forefront in the village. Carpets can be found all  coming from all over Turkey. Visitors to the village can watch live carpet weaving processes. It also has a beach and sea.

In Turgut Village, you can enjoy the magnificent sea, sun and sea on the beach. There are many restaurants in Turgut. Do not leave without eating fish. Another important product is peanut. In addition to tourism, organic agriculture, beekeeping, fishing and animal husbandry are also important in Turgut Village. Among the places to visit, Turgut Castle, which belongs to the ancient Bybassos Kingdom, is in the foreground. The waterfall is located between Bayır and Turgut. You can see the sign for Waterfall at the 5th kilometer while driving towards Turgut from Bayır. After entering here, you will reach the waterfall when you proceed about 200 meters further.

The region is a valley covered with forests and various flowers. With its waterfall flowing from a height of about 4 meters, it is a popular destination for visitors, especially in the hot summer months.

The water is too cold. There is also the opportunity to swim in the small lake. There are small restaurants in the area where you can eat local dishes and trout. There is also an ideal environment for  trekking. In addition, you can spend a different day visiting carpet shops in Turgut Village and watching people weaving carpets. Fish restaurants are also worth going to. Turgut is located within the borders of the ancient city of Hygassos. There are many ruins in the region. Turgut Castle was built on a 300 meter high hill. You can drive half the way, the rest is on foot. The view on the hill is magnificent. Orhaniye and Hisaronu Gulf are under your feet.


There are regular minibus trips to Turgut Village from Marmaris. Turgut is 9 km from Bayir and 2.5 km from Orhaniye.


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