Treatment offer from Turkey for British patient Archie Battersbee

The family could not get the desired result from the judiciary in the country they live in. While the application to the ECtHR was expected to be positive, doctors in Turkey said they were ready to step in.

The Battersbee Family, living in Essex, England, are seeking a cure for their child, Archie, on life support.

According to his mother, Hollie, Archie drowned and sustained brain damage while participating in a viral social media contest.

Doctors, who say Archie is brain-dead, say it’s not in the child’s best interest to offer life support.

Treatment recommendation from Turkey

Calling on parents, Hollie stressed that children should not participate in dangerous challenge competitions.

In a statement to Sky News, Hollie said doctors in Turkey and Japan had contacted her to say they had medical attention available to help Archie recover.

Possibility of taking the patient out of England

The family in question is considering options, including taking Archie out of England.

The family, who lost the judicial fight in England and finally could not get the desired result from the Supreme Court, stated that it was decided to turn off the life support unit of their 12-year-old child.

“We won’t give up on Archie”

Stating that they applied to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) this time to postpone the decision, Hollie said, “Now we hope and wish that the ECHR will look at the application positively. We will not give up on Archie until the end.” said.

An appeals court in England had refused to delay the withdrawal of lifelong vital treatment from the 12-year-old boy.

“Where he will take his last breath should not fall on others”

Stating that Archie Battersbee‘s heart is still beating and holding his mother’s hand, the family insists that the treatment continue.

Anne Hollie said, “This is not true, Archie is my child. It should not fall to others to decide where he will breathe his last, whether he will live or not. It is wrong.” he said.

“We have been let down”

Hollie, who was also critical of the system in England, said: “We are very disappointed in our own system. We have been let down. It’s a shame. Other countries offer so much hope and so many different treatments.” she said.

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