Tortum Waterfall, Erzurum

Tortum Waterfall is a waterfall that was formed in the mid-1700s when a mountain to the west of today’s Balıklı Village closed the Tortum Stream as a result of a landslide. Tortum Waterfall is formed when Tortum Lake spills over the landslide mass between the Tev Valley and the northern end of the lake. It passes over the durable limestone layers close to the stream bed where the Tortum waterfall flows. It falls from a width of 22 meters and a height of 48 meters. The falling water creates a rainbow at the top and a giant cauldron at the bottom. Also, this lake is a natural monument. It is located in Uzundere district of Erzurum.

Local people call the waterfall “sudokulen”, which means pure Turkish. Atatürk University’s students from other regions constitute the most important visitor group of the region. In addition, Tortum Waterfall is a region open to international tourism and welcomes foreign tourists.

Tortum Waterfall Features

In the area where the waterfall is located, there is a picnic area for visitors and a viewing balcony with iron railing on the stairs just below the waterfall. You can go down to the bottom of the waterfall by following the stairs and go up by following the stairs on the other side. The waterfall wets the people watching from the balcony in the spring. Offering an environment intertwined with nature to the audience, the waterfall contains images that will arouse admiration especially for nature lovers. Tortum Waterfall According to a rumor, those who go down the stairs next to the waterfall and go up next to the power plant do not have shortness of breath and heart ailments.

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