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Top Street Food in Istanbul

Going out on any main street in Istanbul, you will immediately be offered a variety of food, Turkish chestnuts, black mussels with lemon and a Turkish bagel called “simit”.

Turkish Roasted Chestnuts

Turkish Roasted Chesnuts

Let’s start with the Turkish fried chestnuts dish, which is especially popular in winter. Chestnuts in Turkey are known not only as a French dish, but also as a popular street delicacy. Its smell can be felt from the very beginning of the street to its end .

The content of chestnut contains useful substances for the body, because they include up to 3% of minerals, 2.5-3.5% of fiber, vitamins A, C and group B. The calorie content of this dish is 180 kcal. in 100 grams.

Chestnuts fried on the streets are not the cheapest pleasure. The price for 150 grams of chestnut will be approximately 30 Turkish lira.

Black Mussels With Lemon

Going out on the pier in the evening or on the main streets, you can see guys with large trays of black mussels decorated with lemons. It will be a shock for you to see how Turkish citizens can eat ten pieces at a time. You definitely need to try them at least once in your life!

The price for one mussel will be 2.50 Turkish lira. However, we recommend trying them only in a proven place.

Turkish Bagel “Simit” (Simit)

Turkish Bagel - Simit

One of the most popular quick snacks in Turkey. This sesame bun will not leave any customer indifferent. You will see red trolleys with bagels simits at every step .The price for one piece is 3 Turkish lira.

The first mention of the word “simit” came from a medical book in the Old Turkish language Tuhfe-i Mübâriz, and was called “semid”. Hence the name of this bagel.

It is believed that in Turkey, the best simits are baked in Ankara. “Ankara Simit” is the first cafe-bakery that appeared, which has a franchise not only in Turkey, but also abroad.

What can I add about street food in Turkey? Just one thing! TRY! After all, delicacies in expensive restaurants are not so great as sometimes taking a chance and trying street food.

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