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Our country, which is surrounded by seas on three sides, has a limited place in the world in terms of location. Turkey hosts many natural lakes and the deep dive spots. There is a very long coastline stretching from the Marmara to the Mediterranean. There are many unique diving points along the coast. Here are the several scuba diving places of Turkey.

Çeşme, Ayrıktaş

Ayrıktaş is located on the northern tip of Eşek Island in Çeşme. As it is the largest and deepest diving point in Çeşme, it is the most popular spot for diving lovers. Since it has 3 separate diving tracks, it is suitable for people interested in diving sports of all levels. In addition, it promises a visual nature feast for diving as it hosts many underwater sea creatures.


A diving spot located near Pırasa Island in Çeşme.

The dive spot begins with a 5 or 6 meter flat plateau. After that, there is a straight wall of 18-20 meters that suddenly fell. At the end of the wall, there is a double-chimney cave.

Hatay, Samandağ

Hatay ranks among the top in our country in terms of underwater wealth. Turkey’s water level will qualify as hosts to the Kızıldeniz marine life.

In terms of location, it is also close to the Hatay Suez Canal. This ensures that various fish shoals are on the migration route.

Fethiye, Afkule

We can say that the most beautiful diving point in Fethiye is Afkule. There is a magnificent cave that is very popular with specialized divers. At the bottom of the cave, which is 27 meters, there are countless sea creatures and natural corals. You can also see other rare sea creatures such as sea eggplant, lettuce, lace coral and trumpet anemones.

Fethiye, Aquarium Bay

Another diving point in Fethiye, which has very convenient diving points for divers of all levels, novice or expert, is Aquarium Bay. This is a very popular diving spot.

Depth no more than 10 meters.

You can find many sand fish, orange sponges and octopus in this bay. That’s why it can be quite enjoyable to do underwater photography here.

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