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Turkey is  a geography where the food culture is highly developed. The place of the Aegean cuisine in this geography is very special with its fresh herbs, delicious olive oil dishes and sea-scented flavors. Here are the several delicious food that you should try in Aegean Region.

Şevketi Bostan

Aegean means, of course, plenty of herb. Şevketi bostan, on the other hand, is one of the frequently consumed and very popular flavors in the region. The name of this plant, which comes out in November and ends its season until spring, may vary depending on the region.

Börülce (Cowpea)

In fact, there are more than one type of cowbeans in the Aegean. It can be eaten as a salad with plenty of olive oil and lemon, as well as soup and food. Moreover, each of these flavors has a different place on the table. While the sea beans, which can be eaten as an appetizer, are indispensable to the fish tables in the Aegean, the most beautiful form that can be eaten in winter is the dry cowpea dish.

İzmir Köfte (Meatball)

Of course, we all know İzmir meatball very well. This meatball, made with a lot of tomato sauce, potatoes, tomatoes and peppers, has managed to dominate our hearts for many years. This flavor can be made in all seasons of the year.

Çökertme Kebabı

It is a flavor made by putting plenty of tomato sauce, yoghurt and meat on thinly sliced french fries, and it can also be made with meatballs in some places to diversify it. But you can reach the exquisite version of Bodrum and its surroundings, made by staying true to its essence.


It is a famous dish made in large cauldrons, especially in villages and towns. The main ingredient of this dish, which is cooked on special occasions such as weddings and holidays, is split wheat, meat and olive oil in the Aegean, just like in other regions.

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