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First of all, we’ll begin with an important information : The economy of Istanbul is bigger than 140 countries of the world under today’s economical conditions. So, we can say Istanbul is the attraction point of Turkey with more than 15 million population. Thanks to the shopping malls rising with a great frenzy, many options for Istanbul residents have started to emerge. Although people prefer shopping malls close to the house they live in and popular shopping malls close to public transportation routes, even if some large shopping malls are far away, they attract a lot of attention due to their quality. Shopping malls are also a place of escape with their cinemas and cultural events in Istanbul. There are about 200 shopping malls, large and small in Istanbul. Let’s take a look at them:

1- Akmerkez (Etiler)

Akmerkez is one of the oldest and known shopping malls in Istanbul with 246 stores with Turkish and world brands, a parking lot for 1,500 cars, movie theaters, restaurants and cafes. Akmerkez is located in Etiler district of Istanbul in European side.


2- Hilltown (Küçükyalı)

The Anatolian Side has just gotten its modern style shopping mall projects. Hilltown project, rising in Küçükyalı, is one of the special semi-open-air shopping centers with sea views. Its owners are the Renaissance group that specializes in this field. Transportation to the AVM is provided from the Küçükyalı stop of M4 Kadıköy – Tavşantepe Metro. It is also possible to reach it with important bus lines such as 500T, which pass through the E-5 highway.


3- Cevahir (Mecidiyeköy)

Cevahir Shopping Mall, the oldest favorite of Istanbul, continues to increase its popularity like its first day. Cevahir, one of the most visited shopping malls in Mecidiyeköy, appeals to people from all walks of life. You can visit there by metro or bus easily.

4- Viaport Marina (Tuzla)

The marina in Tuzla, located at the exit of the Anatolian side of Istanbul, was renovated and turned into a Viaport Marina project. Now the area is now both a marina, an open-air mall, and a theme park. Turkey’s second largest theme park, which is within the carrying Viaport Marina viasea you do not have access to a private car is quite difficult. You can reach by getting off at the “Marmados Site” stop of the 130 numbered Kadıköy-Tuzla buses, which operate at long intervals. In addition, Tuzla station of Marmaray is another alternative.

5- Kanyon (Levent)

Kanyon, which is the pioneer of open space shopping malls, draws attention with its different atmosphere and luxury brands. In Kanyon, which can be reached directly to the door by metro, concerts and various festivals organized outside the cinema and theater add different colors to the entertainment.

6- İstinye Park (İstinye)

Making a difference with its 280 different stores, indoor and outdoor venues, İstinye Park has been in service since 2007. Istinye Park Shopping Mall, many upscale shops company’s first entry to Turkey who also hosts.

7- Mall of Istanbul (Başakşehir)

Mall of Istanbul, which is a whole with its office, residence and hotel, is located in Başakşehir, one of the developing points of Istanbul. Turkey’s largest shopping, entertainment and living center’s slogan in 2014 with the opening of 350 stores in the Mall of Istanbul. The shopping mall also has sections called MOIPark, Europe’s largest indoor amusement park, and Cinetech, which consists of movie theaters. Mall of Istanbul stands out among the best shopping malls to visit in Istanbul with its rich facilities.

8- Forum Istanbul (Bayrampaşa)

Bringing together world-famous brands and offering an experience worth visiting with the Istanbul Sea Life Aquarium, Forum Istanbul also hosts important home decoration and sports stores.

9- Marmara Forum (Bakırköy)

Marmara Forum located in the intersection point of Zeytinburnu, Güngören, Bahçelievler and Bakırköy district, is one of the biggest shopping malls in Istanbul. To reach Marmara Forum, you need to take a small walk after getting off the T1 Bağcılar-Zeytinburnu-Kabataş Tram, M1A Atatürk Airport – Yenikapı Metro and Metrobus line at Zeytinburnu station.

Marmara Forum

10- Tepe Nautilus (Kadıköy)

Tepe Nautilus is located close to the center of Kadıköy; brings shopping, entertainment, dining and cinema together. In Acıbadem Tepe Nautilus AVM, where the top floor is mostly the dining area, some restaurants also have their own seating areas. Tepe Nautilus, which also houses a gym, bowling and cinema, also has a wide range of options for home and electronics shopping.

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