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Here are the Top 10 Shopping Malls in Ankara.

Armada Shopping Mall and Business Center

Armada Tower is a skyscraper located in Çankaya district of Ankara. Today, it is used as an office building and a shopping center. In 2003, it was selected as “the best shopping center in Europe” by the International Council of Shopping Centers and became the second award-winning shopping center in this area after Akmerkez in Istanbul.

One of the first projects implemented in Söğütözü, which was a rather arid region in terms of urbanization until the early 2000s and was reorganized as a “business center” within the framework of a new development plan, is the Armada Tower.  The tower, whose construction started in 1998, was completed in February 2002 and opened in September of the same year. Armada, which is a highly innovative structure in terms of both design and usage, has been awarded various awards by many international organizations.


ANKAmall is a shopping center that was opened as “Ankara Migros Shopping Center” on 27 August 1999 and opened on 12 May 2006 as “ANKAmall” with the expansion works in 2004.

The center, which has a total size of 278 thousand square meters, has more than 300 stores and a parking lot with a capacity of 6 thousand vehicles. ANKAmall also has a 5-star hotel with a capacity of 568 beds.

Ankamall Shopping Mall


Atakule Shopping Mall is a shopping mall in Ankara, famous for its rotating restaurant tower. It is located in Çankaya district, where Cinnah Street and Çankaya Street intersect, facing Zübeyde Hanım Square. It was a 5-storey section that was built as an Atrium bazaar and operated as a shopping mall and had a wedding and cocktail hall as a social unit.

The observation deck at 87 m height is reached by two elevators, which have a reinforced concrete carrier system, built at a height of 125 m, and have a view of the city at the ascent and the descent. Under this section, there is a cafe-bar floor and a restaurant floor with a rotating platform above it. At the top, there is a cocktail lounge under the dome and the existing infrastructure in the shopping center and tower.

Atakule shopping mall

Next Level Shopping Mall

Next Level Shopping Mall, which has brought a new vision to the capital since it opened its doors in 2013, has brought a new dimension not only to shopping but also to culture, art and life.

It is located at the intersection of Eskişehir and Konya roads in Söğütözü, which has become the center with the rapid development of Ankara.  Next Level Shopping Mall has also made a difference with its award-winning architecture and contributed to Ankara’s becoming one of the world capitals. As a shopping center, Next Level, which responds to every need and hosts a wide variety of brands and stores, has become an important address for Ankara residents with its outdoor terrace area, distinguished cafes and restaurants, and a decent environment with pool views.

Growing by adding new brands to its structure with its constantly developing and renewing structure, Next Level continues to organize activities that will please its visitors socially with its approach that prioritizes art and culture in accordance with the needs.

Kızılay Shopping Mall

It is a shopping center located in Çankaya district of Ankara. The building, which started to be used as a shopping mall after its completion, was originally designed as a commercial complex. The Kızılay Park and the Turkish Red Crescent’s headquarters were located at the point where the building is located.

Arcadium Shopping Mall

Arcadium Shopping Mall, serving with a sincere and high-quality service understanding in Çayyolu with its interesting concept, brings a colorful and different interpretation to shopping habits since 2003.

Arcadium is a breathtaking shopping mall where modernity and comfort are prioritized in architectural details for everyone who wants to get away from the stress of the day and the chaos of life, relax and have a pleasant time!

Within the national and international store mix of ARCADIUM, which includes many chain brands, you can easily reach all your needs from clothing to cosmetics, from household goods to toys!

Antares Shopping Mall

Antares Shopping Mall is among Turkey’s largest shopping center with 83,000 m2 of leasable area. The shopping mall, which was put into service in February 2008, has three large atriums on the 16-meter wide shopping corridors designed with the comfort of a wide street, where comfort and technology are intertwined.

Optimum Outlet

Optimum Outlet was opened on 29 October 2004 as Ankara’s first Outlet Shopping Mall and the first of the Shopping Mall under RenaissanceReal estate Investment. It has been one of Turkey’s largest outlet shopping malls on November 18, 2006 with the making of the annex. In the first quarter of 2012, it continues to serve by adding many national and international brands to its structure with its growth project.


Metromall is a shopping mall located in Ankara. Metromall, which was opened on September 28, 2017, has become the largest and second shopping mall in the Etimesgut region. The building complex, which has nearly 200 stores and a parking lot for 3,000 vehicles, is the first shopping mall in Ankara with an opening ceiling.

Karum Shopping Mall

Karum Shopping Mall is the oldest shopping mall in Ankara and is located on Iran Street, Kavaklıdere. It is located right next to Ankara Sheraton Hotel.

The construction area of the business center is 62.000m². Of this, 12.000m² is parking lot, 23.000m² is common area and 27.000 m² is usable area. The building consists of 9 floors, three of which are market floors (ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor), four are office floors, the other two are plumbing and parking floors, and there are four main gates and parking connections. There is an elliptical atrium in the middle.

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