Top 10 Places to Visit in the Black Sea Region

Black Sea region has the largest volume of our country in terms of East-West direction. The region also includes important cities. Famous for its green areas and especially its plateaus, the Black Sea region also has one of the most important tourism potentials of our country. In this article, we have brought together 10 places to visit in the Black Sea region for you.

Safranbolu – Karabük

Karabük, one of the most important provinces of the Black Sea, was a village connected to Safranbolu for a while. Safranbolu is a district of the same city as of now. Safranbolu, one of the symbolic places of the city, is in the foreground with its cobblestone streets and historical houses. If you are going to love the authentic atmosphere created by wooden Ottoman houses.

Safranbolu Ottoman House

Valla Canyon – Kastamonu

Valla Canyon is located in Kastamonu. The most important feature of Valla Canyon is that it is currently the second deepest canyon in the world. Certain sections of Valla Canyon, located around Muratpaşa village, are suitable only for professionals. Apart from that, you can enjoy the beautiful view with peace of mind.

Yedigöller National Park – Bolu

Yedigöller is a very special region that is flooded by local and foreign tourists every period. Yedigöller, located in the Mengen district of Bolu, is located on an extremely rugged land. Spread over an area of ​​2 thousand hectares, Yedigöller has been in the status of a national park for approximately 65 years. These seven separate lakes, which offer a very aesthetic visual, are also the habitat of trout. Lakes are located on two independent plateaus. Although there are a few guesthouses in terms of accommodation in Yedigöller, most of those who come here prefer tent camps or caravans.

Amasra – Bartın

Amasra, which stands out as the most important district of Bartın, has a history of approximately 3 thousand years. Known as Samastro in history, the district has all the advantages of being home to different civilizations. Due to its location, it has managed to become a trade center for many civilizations from Genoa to Byzantium. In this case, of course, the effect of the port belonging to the region cannot be denied. This historical texture of Amasra is largely reflected on today. Apart from Amasra Castle and Amasra Museum, Historical Fatih Mosque, Çekiciler Bazaar, Kemere Bridge, Kuşkayası Monument and Crying Tree are the stops you can enjoy visiting in the region.

Ilgaz – Çankırı

When it comes to Ilgaz, the first thing that comes to mind is naturally the Ilgaz Mountains. Therefore, we should emphasize that this place is the favorite of winter tourism. Ilgaz Mountain, one of the most popular ski resorts of our country, has an altitude of approximately 2500 meters.

Çamlıhemşin – Rize

Is it called the Eastern Black Sea Region and Rize is omitted? Rize deserves to be shown as one of the most enjoyable cities of our country with its tea, plateaus and festivals as well as its wonderful people. Çamlıhemşin, located in the shadow of Fırtına Creek and Kaçkar Mountains, also constitutes a valuable part of the National Park.

Ayder Plateau – Rize

Ayder Plateu

Ayder Plateau is considered as one of the symbolic areas of the city. Ayder Plateau, located near Fırtına Creek, is a very famous place for its healing waters as well as its wonderful scenery. At the same time, the festivities in Ayder Plateau, especially starting with the spring period, attract great attention.

Sümela Monastery – Trabzon

Sümela Monastery is located in Altındere Village in Maçka district. Located on a large rocky area, the Monastery has an average height of 300 meters. The area, also known as the Virgin Mary Monastery, is regarded as a sacred area especially for tourists. Apart from the rock cave, there is also a small church here.

Sümela Monastery, Trabzon

Ulugöl Nature Park – Ordu

Ulugöl Nature Park is a very productive area in terms of landscape. The 26-hectare region stands out with its atmosphere, especially in autumn. For this reason, Ulugöl Nature Park contains a dense material for photography enthusiasts as well as nature enthusiasts.

Bafra – Samsun

Bafra, a district of Samsun, offers a wide travel route. Kizilirmak, Turkey’s longest river known, dumped into the sea here. Bird Paradise is definitely one of the places you should see after Kızılırmak. You can also visit the regions called Harbor Lakes and Fish Lakes in Bafra.

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