Top 10 Most Popular Beaches And Bays In Bodrum

Bodrum bays, most of which are registered with a blue flag, are still well preserved, some of which are quite touristic and popular. Some are ideal for surfing and water sports, some for a quiet and peaceful day out. Some of them can be reached by road, while others can only be reached by boat tours. We have listed the 10 most popular beaches and bays with our suggestions for every taste.

1- Yalıçiftlik

Yalıçiftlik, located at the entrance of the Gulf of Gokova, is one of the bays with the most beautiful sea in Bodrum. It is one of the bays of Bodrum that has not yet been fully discovered and has not been invaded by facilities. Although it is a windy bay, the sea is clean, without moss and waves. It combines the advantage of a calm environment with the magic of being surrounded by pine forests.

2- Bardakçı

Located between Bodrum Center and Gümbet, Bardakçı Cove is a paradise that you can reach in 5 minutes by boats departing from Bodrum Marina. Bardakçı Cove is also the homeland of the legend of the nymph Salmakis. We especially recommend it to those who want to swim against the view of the castle.

3- Torba

Torba, another of the bays closest to the center of Bodrum, is a bay that has its share of the magnificent view of pine and olive trees thanks to the more humid north of the peninsula. It owes its calm sea, even when the wind blows, to being a closed bay. In this way, it is also suitable for water sports. Torba sea is extremely clean and quite shallow.


4- Bitez

Bitez Bay, located just ahead of Gumbet, has a long beach in the shape of a half moon. Bitez Bay, which is also one of the stops for cruise boats departing from Bodrum Center, is also the most important surfing spot in Bodrum. Sea at sufficient shallow level for beginners; When you move a little further, it deepens in a way that does not overshadow your swimming pleasure. After enjoying the cold and clear sea of ​​Bitez, we strongly recommend that you go to the seaside fish restaurants at sunset.

5- Bağla Bay

14 km from Bodrum Center; Bagla Bay, located in the west of Bağlar Cape, is the most preferred beach in Bodrum for camping. The bay, which is a candidate to be the favorite of turquoise sea lovers, is also one of the most frequented points of boat tours.

6- Turgutreis

Turgutreis, one of the important residential areas and tourism centers of Bodrum, is located on the western side of the peninsula. The fourteen islands, large and small, lined up opposite each other add a different flavor to Turgutreis with the view of Kos Island one after the other. Note that Turgutreis is also one of the few surfing spots in Bodrum.

7- Gündoğan

Gündoğan is a “fishing town” that has rapidly increased its popularity in recent years, with its historical features and a stretch of beach. Being windy at all hours of the day makes Gündoğan not only the ideal beach to cool off on hot summer days, but also Bodrum’s most popular surfing spot, along with Bitez. It is one of the beaches famous for its sunset view.

Cennet Bay

8- Cennet Bay

Cennet Bay, located between Göltürkbükü and Torba, is a bay that really deserves its name with its enchanting sea and colors ranging from green to blue. The sea of ​​Cennet Cove, which is a bay closed to the wind, always maintains its calmness and clarity. It is possible to reach the bay that you will fall in love with when you walk towards the hills in the pine forests, both by land and by boat tours.

9- Güvercinlik Bay

The bay that welcomes you, is the first time you meet the sea while driving on the Milas-Bodrum highway; Güvercinlik Bay. 25 km from Bodrum. Güvercinlik, which is at a distance, is famous for its small fishermen restaurants, cats and wonderful scenery.

10 -Kargı Bay

With its beach, sheltered and fine sand structure, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bodrum. The sea of ​​Kargı Bay is at the ideal depth and with a clarity that you will fall in love with at first sight. As it is one of the most famous paradises in Bodrum, it has very affordable facilities, although it is crowded throughout the season. You can try all kinds of water sports in this place!

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