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Hot springs, which are important in terms of health tourism in every period, have started to attract more attention these days, when people turn to the natural of everything. Turkey is on geothermal generation, with different temperatures close to 1300 and consisting of natural spring water content, and ranks first in terms of thermal springs in Europe. Here are the healing hot springs of our country, which we can call a “thermal heaven” that is good for many diseases such as rheumatism, nervous system diseases, respiratory diseases.

Sandıklı Hot Springs (Hüdai) – Afyon

When Hot Springs are mentioned, one of the first city that comes to mind is Afyon. The hot springs attract a lot of attention not only from within the country but also from abroad and welcomes thousands of visitors every year. The most famous one , which has many thermal resources, are Sandıklı Hot Springs. Hot spring with a water temperature between 42 and 53 degrees.  The water distributes healing to many diseases, especially paralysis, pharyngitis and skin diseases. For Sandıklı (Hüdai) Hot Springs, it is said to be the most healing thermal waters and is known as the youth-beauty elixir with its high sulfur content. The most important feature that distinguishes Sandıklı Hot Springs from other hot springs is the mud baths, whose reputation has spread around the world. It appears to have a surprising healing effect on orthopedic operations and sports injuries.

Pamukkale Travertines

Pamukkale, which is known all over the world and frequented by local and foreign tourists, is known as the most famous hot spring of Denizli with its cotton-like limestone tuffs formed by thermal waters emerging from karstic areas, whose healing was discovered centuries ago. The travertines, which are 18 km away from Pamukkale center, fascinate those who see it due to the appearance of the lime solution. Pamukkale’s hot spring water is used for treatment of heart and vein, circulatory system, rheumatic diseases and asthma diseases.

Kızılcahamam Hot Springs

Ankara is one of the leading cities in the world rankings with its healing waters. Kızılcahamam, on the other hand, is famous for its natural drinkable mineral waters, which we can find even in markets. The Kızılcahamam Hot Springs, located in the north of Ankara, consist of the Big and Small Hot Springs, which are known to be operated during the Roman and Seljuk times. You have the chance to have a healing holiday in the modern accommodation facilities of the spa, which is flooded with visitors especially in summer and autumn periods. It is known that hot waters between 36 and 50 degrees cure many diseases from liver and heart diseases to gynecological diseases.

Oylat Hot Springs

Oylat Hot Springs, which have a very old past, are located in a region of Bursa very close to İnegöl. There is a belief that the water of this hot springs heals even the sick who will die. Located in a perfect nature, Oylat Hot Springs are the right address for a calm and healing holiday not only with the healing water, but also with the clean air and hiking trail in the forest.

Diyadin Hot Springs

Located in the Diyadin district of Ağrı, Diyadin Hot Springs are 60 km away from Ağrı city center. After the cold weather of Ağrı, spending time in its healing hot waters will renew both your soul and your body. The waters of the hot spring is used in the treatment of skin diseases, rheumatism, gynecological diseases, bone and arthritis diseases, sciatica and metabolic disorders.

Armutlu Hot Springs

Located in the Armutlu district of Yalova, Armutlu Hot Springs are 4 km north of the district center. Thermal zone, 1st degree natural, historical and archaeological site. Due to its proximity to big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, the region frequented by local tourists is one of the health tourism destinations preferred by foreign tourists.

Hayıtlı Hot Springs

Hayıtlı Hot Springs, located in Pamukkale district of Denizli, have small red travertines due to the red color of the water coming out, in contrast to the white appearance of Pamukkale. This color gives the healing water metamorphic rocks with high iron content.

Tuzla Hot Springs

Tuzla Hot Springs attract not only Istanbul residents but also local and foreign tourists with the healing waters. Water with high sodium content has a healing effect on metabolism and skin diseases as well as upper respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Karacasu Hot Springs

Karacasu Hot Springs, which are 5 km away from Bolu, consist of two hot springs, Big and Small Hot Springs. The region where the Karacasu Hot Springs, located in the magnificent nature of the Black Sea, in an environment covered with forests, was chosen as a “thermal tourism center” and there is a Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital affiliated with the Ministry of Health.

It is known that the thermal water of the hot spring has a therapeutic effect on long-term inactivity, stress disorder and sports injuries after neurosurgery. This thermomineral water has a healing effect as a drinking cure. It is also very tasty and when bottled, it can be stored for a long time without spoiling its taste. When you go to Karacasu Hot Springs, don’t forget to enjoy the unique nature of the Black Sea.

Gönen Hot Springs

You can benefit from the water of Gönen Hot Springs, located in Gönen district of Balıkesir, by both drinking and bathing. Since the temperature of the thermal water, which is rich in sodium sulphate and sodium bicarbonate, is very high (73 degrees), chilled water is used in the pools for bathing. The water of Gönen Hot Springs were registered as “the world’s most mineral water” in 2012. The hot spring, spreading over an area of 600 square meters, is also called “natural wonder”. It is known that drinking mineral water is good for indigestion and intestinal diseases, and when used by bathing, it is a remedy for ailments such as calcification and the troubles caused by mental illnesses.

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