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Tokat is one of the amazing cities of Turkey. The city offers a life commune with nature. It is a city where you can enjoy the green and nature. But, how about university life in Tokat? If you are wondering about studying in Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University, read this article and find the answers to your questions. Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University is a preferred university that is transparent, participatory, entrepreneurial, producing knowledge and technology, contributing to the economic and social cultural structure of the region.

There are many research and examination laboratories at Tokat Gaizosmanpasa University. In addition, 30 computerized laboratories and 51 computerized centers provide uninterrupted service in each unit. The total number of computers in the university is 960. All units are connected to the internet through ULAKBIM.

The Main Campus:

Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University Campus

Tasliciftlik Campus is the main campus of Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University. The campus is on the Tokat-Turhal highway, 9 km away from Tokat city center. Most of the faculties are located in the man campus; Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Faculty of Science Social Sciences Institute, Educational Sciences Institute, State Conservatory, School of Foreign Languages, Tokat Technical Sciences Vocational School, Tokat Social Sciences Vocational School and Research Application Centers.


University students do not encounter any problems in urban transportation, and the traffic problem encountered in big cities is not experienced in Tokat. Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University Main Campus is located 9km away from the city center. Transportation continues uninterruptedly by means of Municipality buses, Private Public buses and Tasliciftlik minibus line.


In the center of Tokat, there is a dormitory with a total bed capacity of 1260. 452 male and 808 female students can meet their accommodation needs. In addition, Zile student dormitory has a total of 234 beds, 144 girls and 90 boys. Niksar has a bed capacity of 144 boys and 60 girls, Erbaa has a bed capacity of 96 girls and Turhal has a capacity of 90 boys and 100 beds for girls.

In addition, there are many private dormitories and aparts that stydent can prefer.

Prep. School:

The School of Foreign Languages was established in 2002 in Tasliciftlik Campus and started its educational activities. 6 classrooms, 14 lecturers, 1 College secretary, 3 administrative services staff are availabe in the School of Foreign Languages.

The Library:


Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University Library was established in 1984, affiliated to Cumhuriyet University Central Library. In 1993, it was transformed into Gaziosmanpasa University Central Library. There are 21,838 books in the Central Library. The number of periodical publications is 82. In addition, efforts to increase the number of books in the district and Central libraries continue. In addition to the district library at the Zile Vocational School, 4 new libraries have been put into service within the Niksar, Resadiye, Erbaa and Turhal Vocational Schools, and resources have been transferred.

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University Website: https://www.gop.edu.tr

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