Tinder Select Feature Will Soon Be Available to Everyone!

Tinder Select Feature Will Soon Be Available to Everyone!

According to new news, the Tinder Select feature, which is only available to models on Tinder, will soon be available to everyone. Here are the details!

Tinder is a dating app for iOS and Android platforms. Select membership of Tinder, the world’s most used dating app, is now open to everyone. Until now, this membership was only available to famous names and models.

In order to use Tinder Select membership, some conditions must be met. Users who fulfill these conditions and get membership will have the chance to share their profiles with more people.

Tinder Select

The Price is Outrageous!

Users who want to use Tinder Select membership will have to pay 499 dollars per month to the application. This is currently equivalent to 13,559.18 Turkish lira according to the exchange rate in Turkey. It is not enough for users to meet this price, the membership has some conditions.

In order to have a Tinder Select membership, you need to be among the 1% most active members in the application. Not only that, you also need to fill your profile with some information. For example, you must have at least 4 photos in your profile.

Other membership requirements are that you have at least 5 different interests and that you have verified your profile. You also need to write a description of at least 15 characters in your bio and use phrases that indicate your relationship purpose.

Although Tinder Select membership seems to be open to everyone, not all users can become a member for now due to the conditions set by the application.

However, users who fulfill these conditions, even if they do not have Gold and Platinum memberships, will ensure that their profiles will be viewed more thanks to TinderSelect membership.

So what do you think about this issue? You can share your comments with us in the box below.

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