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New Tinder Cheat! ChatGPT Chatbot is Works

ChatGPT, the chat artificial intelligence that can interact with people at an advanced level, has been used in the matchmaking application Tinder and it seems to pave the way for dating.

With the launch of OpenAI ChatGPT this month, new discussions have started on social networking sites, full of screenshots and endless uses of the chatbot. Some TikTok users have posted videos explaining that they use the chatbot to message Tinder matches.

Attempts to use AI in matching applications have existed in the past. Programmers have made several attempts to turn meeting people on matchmaking apps into a game by using artificial intelligence to send messages to hundreds of users at once. The last of these attempts is to use ChatGPT.

But those using ChatGPT take a little more manual effort. When they match with someone, they request an opening message from ChatGPT based on their interests. They then copy and paste the output and send it to the person they match. Judging by the videos these people have shared on TikTok, ChatGPT works.

Dating Message Suggestions from Artificial Intelligence

A Tinder user used ChatGPT to write a poem to the 1.80 tall woman he was texting. The woman loved it and said that a man had never written poetry for her before. Then the woman said, “Oh my God! No man has ever written me a poem before. It’s so cute. Oh my God, I fainted” and the reactions seemed quite positive.

Here’s another example, this time a TikTok user requests a weight lifting themed chat entry. ChatGPT said, “Do you mind if I sit down? Because watching you do those hip thrusts makes my legs feel a little weak”. This “sympathetic” conversation starter is also successful, and the “King of Tinder” meets his match.

So, how ethical is it to use Tinder in this way? How would the person you meet feel if they knew that your messages were created by artificial intelligence? Are you lying to them by not telling them that a bot actually “wrote” the message? What if they were also using ChatGPT for messaging then would it matter?

These are questions that we can’t answer yet, but that we will definitely have to grapple with as artificial intelligence enters our lives more and more. What do you think about this?

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