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This Time ChatGPT Destroyed The Nest: The Young Woman Divorced Her Husband and Went To Her Lover

This Time ChatGPT Destroyed The Nest: The Young Woman Divorced Her Husband and Went To Her Lover

The artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT has been used by millions of people for very different purposes since its launch in November. From articles to writing songs; From complaint letters to love poems, people have pushed the limits of the tool. A woman living in England used the chatbot for a completely different purpose. A woman named Sarah asked ChatGPT for help deciding whether to end her marriage.

According to the news in the Daily Mail, 37-year-old Sarah, who lives in London, the capital of England, had a relationship with a man she met online for six months. Confused as she had to choose between her husband and her lover, the woman decided to ask ChatGPT if she would divorce her husband.


ChatGPT, created by the US software company OpenAI, co-founded by billionaire businessman Elon Musk, has a large language model trained on large amounts of text data.

While mimicking human speech styles, the chatbot can answer a wide variety of questions and generate text that looks eerily man-made. ChatGPT can also answer questions, correct misinformation, and reject inappropriate requests.



That’s why Sarah, 37, who works in the tech industry, lets the app decide whether to end her five-year marriage. Sarah’s affair began after she met a man on Illegal Encounters (Illegal Encounters), a dating site for married people.

After grappling with her husband and other marital problems, Sarah would have to either resolve her issues or end her five-year marriage.


Sarah finally asked ChatGPT to create a “tale” about the end of her marriage and show the best outcome.

Making a statement on the subject, the young woman said, “I was shocked by ChatGPT’s response. I asked the app to write a story based on my current situation and what the person in the story had to do in a failed marriage while experiencing the excitement of my relationship.



What was fascinating was that the AI ​​understood my dilemma so well and even took into account my own happiness. The end of the story showed me that I should put my happiness above everything else and leave my husband. “ChatGPT gave me the strength I needed to change my life and leave a longstanding relationship.”


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