This Image Determines Which Brain Lobe You Use!

An image posted on social media attracted a lot of attention from those who wondered which part of his brain he was using. When we look at the picture in question, it was stated that those who see a cat use the right lobe of their brain, and those who see deer use the left lobe. Here is that share.

An image shared on social media attracted great attention. The visual, which the users carefully examined, received many likes and shares in a short time.


It was stated that those who see a cat in the image use the right lobe of their brain, and those who see deer use their left lobe. Many people tried to solve the animal in the image by testing themselves.

Here is that image:


  • The creative part of our brain is the right lobe.
  • The right brain deals with visual and auditory problems.
  • People use the right side of their brain for intuition.
  • At the same time, the right brain lobe governs the left side (organs) of the body.
  • He learns by seeing and hearing.
  • Surreal dreams deal with figurative meanings


  • The logical part of our brain is the left lobe.
  • He is good at mathematical operations.
  • He establishes the cause-effect relationship well and has analytical thinking skills.
  • It deals with words, numbers and symbols.
  • The left cerebral lobe governs the right side (organs) of the body.

What do you see?

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