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Things Foreigners Need to Know About Getting a License in Turkey

Foreigners living in Turkey want to explore and reach different regions of Turkey, which has a wide cultural geography that offers unique landscapes and historical attractions. Driving a vehicle stands out as the most convenient transportation option to reach these places. Turkey has a wide and high quality highway network that provides access to all cities. The most important point here is that foreigners have a valid driver’s license to drive in Turkey. Foreigners can use their driver’s licenses from their own country for a limited period of time in Turkey. However, when this period is extended, they must replace their foreign driver’s license with a driver’s license issued in Turkey. In the continuation of our article, you can find what you need to know about the validity of foreigners’ driving licenses in Turkey and getting a new driver’s license (change of driver’s license).

What are Legally Accepted Driver's Licenses in Turkey?

What are Legally Accepted Driver’s Licenses in Turkey?

The minimum age required to drive a car or minibus (eight passengers) in Turkey is 18 and the minimum age to drive a motorcycle is 17. The driver must have a valid driver’s license in order to be on the road with a motor vehicle. In addition, Driver’s license, Vehicle license and Traffic Insurance Policy must be carried in the vehicle on all trips and presented to the relevant authority upon request.

What are the Conditions for Using a Foreign Driver’s License in Turkey?

Foreigners visiting Turkey as tourists for stays up to 180 days can drive motor vehicles in Turkey with valid driver’s licenses, regardless of the country they live in. If the foreign driver’s license does not contain a photograph, it is necessary to carry an International Driver’s License or Permit (IDL/P). To be valid, an International Driver’s License is used in conjunction with a valid driver’s license. At the end of the 6-month period, the driver’s license issued by Turkey must be obtained.

Foreign nationals can use their motor vehicles by using their valid foreign driver’s licenses. However, a certified translation of the driver’s license by an authorized notary in Turkey should always be with you. Notarized translation can be done by a Turkish translation company that offers notary approval and certification services, or by the relevant consulate (or embassy) in Turkey where certified translators are located.

What are the Steps to Follow to Change a Foreign Driver’s License?

Foreigners who want to get a new Turkish driver’s license and already have a foreign driver’s license do not need to take the driver’s license exam. Instead, foreigners who need a driver’s license can complete their procedures by making an online appointment on the website of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs ( and submitting the documents requested below at the specified day and time.

What are the Documents Required for Changing the Driver's License from Foreign Countries?

What are the Documents Required for Changing the Driver’s License from Foreign Countries?

  • Original and color photocopy of foreign driver’s license
  • Notary or consular-approved Turkish translation
  • Identification
  • Driver Health Report
  • Driver’s license, valuable paper and fee, foundation share
  • 1 biometric photo
  • Document or written statement indicating blood group
  • Education Certificate, notarized translation of education documents received from abroad
  • Judicial Registry Document (It is controlled electronically from the system.)

The foreign driver’s license is returned upon completion of the application process. If all documents are submitted completely and correctly, the application process will be completed and the new driver’s license will be delivered to the address specified by the PTT within 15 days.

What are the steps to be followed for foreigners who will get a driver’s license for the first time?

What are the steps to be followed for foreigners who will get a driver's license for the first time?

In order for foreigners who settled in Turkey without a driver’s license to drive in traffic, they must successfully complete the training and test procedures consisting of the following items and obtain their driver’s license by submitting the necessary documents.

  • First aid, engine and traffic training
  • 12 hours of practical driving training
  • driver `s license exam
  • Driving Exam

Driver `s license exam

It is known as a driver’s license exam, which measures first aid, motor and traffic information and is conducted only in Turkish. A translator can accompany the candidate with the exam. In order to be successful in the exam, it is necessary to get at least 70 points.

Driving Exam

After successfully passing the theoretical exam, the driver candidate is entitled to participate in the driving test. The exam takes at least 15 minutes and tests the candidate’s driving skills in traffic.

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