They Survived With Protein Powder

They Survived With Protein Powder

17-year-old Muhammed Enes and his 21-year-old brother Abdulbaki Yeninar, who were rescued from the wreckage in 198 on the 9th day of the earthquake that occurred in Kahramanmaraş, told about their experiences in the wreckage. Stating that they manage with the protein that his brother takes for bodybuilding, Abdulbaki Yeninar said, “I was comfortable. I knew I would be saved. I just prayed. The air was coming while I was under the wreckage. There was traction when I was shooting. We drank my brother’s protein powders,” he said.

17-year-old Muhammed Enes, who constantly asks about his mother, who was rescued from the rubble two days ago, said, “How is my mother? IM is wondering about her. For the first day or two, my brother and I cried. After the earthquake, we talked about how we became brothers.”

While the doctors did not leave the elder brother and sister, who are the symbols of the earthquake, alone for a moment, it was learned that the health of the Yeninar brothers was good.

Upon hearing the voice of Muhammed Enes in Pınar Apartment, local and foreign rescue teams as well as soldiers, miners and AFAD officers were mobilized.

The miners built the ‘Pig Roof’, the soldiers reached the athlete Muhammed Enes, who was under the rubble. Muhammed Enes said that he talked to his 21-year-old brother Abdulbaki and that he heard a voice from his brother in the first days. After the race with time, with 4-5 hours of work, first Muhammed Enes and then his older brother Abdülbaki Yeninar were pulled out of the wreckage. It was reported that the situation of the Yeninar brothers, who were taken to Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University Medical Faculty Hospital by 112 ambulance, is good. Doctors were also mobilized here and examined all blood values, films and other tests.


17-year-old Muhammed Enes kept asking the authorities about his mother. It was learned that her mother was also rescued from the wreckage 2 days ago, and she was transferred to the hospital in Kayseri because she had problems with her feet. Stating that they cried with his brother for a few days, talked about his mother and his family, and then talked about how they spent the other days with his brother and sister, Muhammed Enes said, “We had dinner too. But we drank protein powder. We have a soldier brother. Brother Mehmet, I knew you were coming. When the soldiers came to us, we were relieved when they heard their voices. Then they took me out first and then my brother,” he said.


21-year-old Abdulbaki Yeninar also emphasized that he did not lose his faith and that he knew that he would be saved, and said, “My brother does bodybuilding and is interested in sports. They had protein powders. We used it. I was very comfortable I knew I would be saved. We prayed while we were under the rubble. Air was getting in. I wasn’t breathing as well outside as I was there. As I sighed, my pull was coming. We never had an oxygen problem,” he said.

Doctors who took a close interest in them stated that both brothers were in good health.

On the other hand, members of the Yeninar family stated that they were waiting for their funerals from Muhammed Enes and his older brother Abdulbaki, whom they had given up hope on.

The fact that both brothers were in good health made the whole of Turkey smile.

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