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There Is No Place Left In Morgues In China! The Situation Is Getting Worse!

In China, where the coronovirus emerged and spread to the world, the recent news is worrying. Cases exploded in the country, which put the ‘zero case’ policy on the shelf. As the death toll rapidly increased, there was no room left in the morgues. Experts warn that the variant in China may evolve into a more dangerous variant, and such a situation may affect the whole world.

Cases increased in China, the country where the coronavirus epidemic started, and the virus increased its speed and effect again. The Beijing administration, which started to follow a “Zero Covid-19 policy” shortly after the start of the epidemic in 2019 and implemented very strict surveillance, testing and quarantine practices in this context, lifted these bans and restrictions with both public reactions and the recession in the economy.


However, in a short time after the restrictions were lifted, the number of cases and deaths in China began to increase rapidly. While it was stated that there was no room left in the morgues and the deaths were increasing rapidly, Bloomberg, one of the leading media organizations in the USA, also pointed to a fact that caused concern.


Bloomberg stated that the new “Covid tsunami” in China could evolve into a new and more dangerous variant, and such a situation could affect the whole world.


Noting that a new and global mutation has occurred with the latest omicron variant, experts said, “China has not used mRNA vaccines that have been proven to work since the beginning of the epidemic. And for this reason, the disease may have become a more contagious virus because the immunity of the Chinese people is low.

Professor Daniel Lucey, who spoke to the US media, who claimed that the Chinese government did not provide official information about the number of Covid-19 cases and deaths, and that it concealed the number of cases and deaths, also drew attention to this situation.


“New sub-variants of Omicron are certain to emerge in China in the coming days, weeks and months,” said Lucey, a fellow at the American Infectious Diseases Society and also a fellow at Dartmouth University. But we must detect it early and act quickly.” “This new variant can be more contagious, more deadly, surpass drugs, vaccines,” Lucey said. “It may also be more difficult to detect these variants,” he said.


On the other hand, Lucey also pointed out that a more deadly and dangerous Delta variant, which emerged in India at the end of 2020, may experience a similarity. Saying that such a scenario is not certain, but the world should be ready for it, experts said that the situation in China provides a basis for new variants.

Stuart Turville, of the University of New South Wales, said: “Immunity provides protection around the world, but the situation is very different in China because immunity is low.”

Speaking to Bloomberg, Alex Sigal, an assistant at the African Institute for Health Research, said, “Since the immunity level is very low, it creates a ground for the emergence of new viruses.”

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