There is News From Taha Duymaz! Did They Find Him?

There is News From Taha Duymaz! Did They Find Him?

The elder sister of Taha Duymaz, a social media phenomenon living in Hatay, said that her work was stopped because there was no word from her brother and family who were left in the wreckage. Dilan Polat, who went to the wreckage area where Taha Duymaz was found, shared the works and announced that a lifeless body had been reached from the apartment. Gökhan Çınar, who hosted Duymaz on his program before, announced the developments on his social media account.

Semiha Duymaz, the sister of social media phenomenon Taha Duymaz, who was left under the rubble with his family after the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes that occurred in the central Kahramanmaraş, Pazarcık and Elbistan districts of Hatay, announced that he lost his life. The family was caught in the earthquake and was left under the rubble.

There was a new development regarding Taha Duymaz, who could not be reached for three days. Dilan Polat, who is also a friend of Duymaz, shared the developments after AFAD announced that it was going to the region.


Dilan Polat, broadcasting in front of the house where Taha Duymaz stayed in the earthquake, said, “We found the house, we came, Taha’s brother has been here for 3 days. We want help, support, his brother heard a voice. The house where Taha was located was on the bottom floor.”

Taha Duymaz


Sharing the news from the region immediately, Polat announced that the funeral was taken from the last building and said, “I talked to Zeynep sister, the team is working. There is a funeral there right now, but I don’t know. Who is she. Her family will take care of her, Taha’s brother is there.”


YouTube programmer Gökhan Çınar, who shared a photo taken with Taha Duymaz’s mother, whom he had hosted in his program before; “Crane and operator have been directed. There is another building where Taha and all our lives are in the debris above the building. A large crane and system is expected to enter from here again to lift the other building. We are waiting. , Oğuzhan, Derya Uluğ, Mustafa Akan and the whole team are struggling wholeheartedly. CZN Burak is miserable with the teams, we are waiting for you. We want good news with unending hope.”

Taha Duymaz


The AFAD team has reached the 8-storey building where Taha Duymaz and his family are located, and the search for the remains under the rubble continues with the support of a crane.


Taha Duymaz was born on September 1, 2003 in the Yayladağı district of Hatay. Taha Duymaz, who had to take a break from his education in the 4th grade, announced that he took this decision to contribute to the livelihood of his family.

Taha Duymaz

Expressing that cooking is her greatest passion at every opportunity, Taha Duymaz won the likes of thousands of people with the cooking videos she posted on Youtube and shot in her home kitchen.


While it is known that Duymaz had a nose surgery a short time ago, it was also claimed that he had aesthetic touches on his lip, chin, ears and cheeks.

Taha Duymaz

The phenomenon, which frequently shared on his social media account after the physical change in his face, received many likes and comments from his followers.

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