There Are 5.4 Million Foreigners in Turkey

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, How many foreigners are there in Turkey? It piqued everyone’s curiosity. He stated that the total number of foreigners residing in Turkey, including Syrian refugees, is 5 million 433 thousand 278 people.

ANKARAMinister of Interior Süleyman Soylu shared the current Migration Management data with the public. Soylu announced that the most discussed number of Syrian refugees under temporary protection in Turkey is 3 million 741 thousand 251. According to the information given by Soylu, 735 thousand Syrian babies were born in Turkey.

Minister Soylu, who held a chat meeting titled ‘Migration Meeting‘ with Ankara representatives of media organizations, drew attention to the increase in migration attempts due to economic difficulties in the recent period. Soylu said, “There is a great economic problem in Damascus and its surroundings. The reason for those coming here is the economic crisis,” he said. said.

United Nations and European Union Doing Nothing

Soylu, who draws attention to the problem of departure all over the world, but the most important event in the region, said that there are 5-6 million Afghans. 2 million of them in our simulation. 6 million people in our region in Syria who can move towards. 8 million in the probability of Turkey. The UN and the EU are pretending to do nothing. This step is difficult to take if not sent by force. The EU has no management to solve. What I’m saying is like a shipwreck review. The 18 March agreement is not being complied with. You will be a part of this trend in Europe after Germany Merkel is gone.”

Source and Host Countries on Migration (million people)

Source CountriesHost Countries
Syria 6,8 Turkey 4,0
Palestine 5,7Colombia 1,7
Venezuela 4,0Pakistan 1,4
Afghanistan 2,6Uganda 1,4
South Sudan 2,2Germany 1,4
Myanmar 1,1 USA 1,3
Sudan 1,0
Peru 1,0
Lebanon 0,9

Foreigners in Turkey

Minister Soylu said that in the last 2 months, they made a count of immigrants across Turkey and updated the data.

Stating that they found 71 percent of the Syrians at their address, Soylu stated that approximately 300 thousand immigrants said “I am at this address” and added, “Thus, we determined the addresses of 3.7 million Syrians in Turkey. Undocumented Syrian immigrants are between 300-450 thousand.” said.

Soylu stated that the total number of foreigners residing in Turkey, including Syrian refugees, is 5 million 433 thousand 278 people. Soylu stated that 1 million 373 thousand 440 foreigners are under international protection with a residence permit, while 318 thousand 557 people are under international protection.

There Are 11,205 Afghan Shepherds in Turkey

Stating that they closely follow foreigners in Turkey wherever they are, Minister of Interior Soylu asked Gendarmerie General Commander General Arif Çetin to give the number of Afghan shepherds as an example. Gen. Cetin said, “We follow the immigrants through headmen in every region. There are 11,205 Afghan shepherds in Turkey,” he said.

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