The Zodiac Signs with the Highest Crime Rate According to FBI Data Announced!

According to the analysis, while astrologers ranked the most dangerous signs, the most harmless ones were also determined. Here is the list of the zodiac signs with the highest crime rate, according to FBI data.

Aries is in the middle of the list

Famous for their stubbornness and sudden glow, Aries zodiac signs made it to the middle of the list. Aries, a rebellious and stubborn sign, are in the top five of the list. According to the analysis, notorious criminals belonging to the sign of Aries commit most of the murders in the moment of insanity and later regret it.

Taurus is One of the Dangerous Zodiac Signs

Taurus signs are patient, fixed-minded and stubborn. Known for their anger, ambitious nature and strong character, bulls are at the top of the list! Bulls are more likely to find criminals in monetary matters such as fraud. They do not hesitate to commit murders for self-interest.

Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign Gemini

Would you guess that Gemini is the most harmless zodiac sign? According to statistics, the most harmless zodiac sign is twins… Although Gemini is thought to be dangerous due to its unpredictable and volatile attitude, it is actually not true at all.

The Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign is Crab

Cancer is at the top of the zodiac sign with the most psychopaths. Cancers, which are considered to be one of the very emotional signs, actually always put their difficulties into themselves and never express their troubles. As a result, they experience sudden outbursts and become more involved in crime in a moment of anger. Because they are very emotional, the vast majority of murders are based on emotional grounds such as jealousy.

The Third Most Harmless Zodiac Sign Leo

Leo, known as an ambitious sign that wants to attract the attention of the environment, is the third most harmless sign. In general, these leader-spirited signs, who want to be famous and known, actually commit murders in accordance with their characters.

Virgos Are at the Bottom of the List

Virgo, a meticulous and orderly sign, was determined as the eighth most psychopathic sign. These zodiac signs, which are clean and planned, also think about the murders they commit down to the smallest detail. For this reason, it is claimed that those who commit murder in this sign are successful in destroying the evidence and not being caught.

Libra is at the End of the List

The Libra sign, which takes care to be fair and stands out with its artistic spirit, is at the bottom of the list, that is, in the ninth place. Libras, who know and desire peace, do not like war and oppose things that will disturb the peace. Libra, a zodiac sign known for its fair, patient and kind nature, according to the analysis, commits murder not out of pleasure but in order to provide justice in a difficult situation.

Scorpios are the Second Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign

Scorpio people keep their secrets well. They always have a mysterious side and you never know what a scorpion is thinking. They notice their weaknesses and strengths, as if they were copying the other party. Observing the finest details, Scorpio is therefore the second most dangerous sign. Scorpio criminals, who never forget the evil done to them and respond to the cruelty, committed most of their murders with painful and sadistic methods. Charles Manson, one of the most famous psychopaths in the world, is also a scorpio.

Another Most Dangerous Sign is Sagittarius.

The only reason why Sagittarius is not in the first place on the list is that most of the murders were committed by other people under his command, not himself. With their charismatic attitudes and intelligence, Sagittarius people can gain the respect of everyone around them and proclaim their leadership, and they can achieve incredible positions such as mafia boss or drug lord.

For example, most of the criminals you have heard of, such as Pablo Escobar, Ted Bundy, Lucky Luciano, Charles Bronson, were Sagittarius.

Capricorn is in the Middle of the List

Capricorn is in the middle of the list. Although this zodiac sign has an average number of murderers and psychopaths, the killers in it are those who commit the most murders among other killers of all time.

Aquarius is the Second Most Harmless Zodiac Sign

Aquarius signs, which work to innovate, invent, and find different solutions, are known as the second most dangerous sign. On the other hand, members of this sign, who have a high ability to manipulate people and events, may seem so innocent because they can cover up their psychopathy and never get caught.

Don’t be Fooled by Pisces Signs Being Emotional

Many agree on the sensuality of Pisces. However, according to statistics, Pisces, known for its soft-heartedness and emotionality, is not as innocent as it seems.

Serial killers of the strangest and scariest kind come out of this group. An example of Pisces criminals is John Wayne Gacy, one of the most notorious serial killers in the USA, who commits murders in clown clothing.

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