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The World’s Most Polluted Countries Announced!

The World’s Most Polluted Countries Announced!

The world-famous statistics company World of Statistics has included the most polluted countries in the world in the table it has published. Here are the details!

The world has faced many problems in its struggle for existence and it seems that it will continue to do so. The most obvious of these problems is environmental pollution. This universal problem, which varies according to population density, started to become a bigger problem.

The World Is Having Difficulty Breathing

World of Statistic included the world’s most polluted countries in the data it published. Mongolia, located in Central Asia, took the first place, while the Scandinavian country Finland took the last place.

The World's Most Polluted Countries

When we look at the table, we see once again how important the use of underground resources is. Unconscious use creates a more polluted world. It is necessary to make universal decisions about this situation that is getting worse and to connect the control mechanism to a certain system.

The Most Polluted Countries in the World According to World of Statistics:

  1. Mongolia
  2. Republic of the Union of Myanmar
  3. Lebanon
  4. Enough
  5. Nigeria
  6. Afghanistan
  7. Bangladesh
  8. Vietnam
  9. Nepal
  10. Peru
  11. Sweetcorn
  12. Chinese
  13. Chile
  14. Venezuela
  15. İran
  16. Pakistan
  17. Kazakhistan
  18. Philippines
  19. India
  20. Indonesia
  21. Türkiye
  22. Saudi Arabia
  23. South Korea
  24. Ukraine
  25. Russia
  26. Mexican
  27. South Africa
  28. Italy
  29. Poland
  30. Brazil
  31. Argentina
  32. United Arab Emirates
  33. France
  34. England
  35. Japan
  36. Spain
  37. USA
  38. Canada
  39. Germany
  40. australia
  41. Slovenia
  42. Luxembourg
  43. Holland
  44. Denmark
  45. Sweden
  46. Austria
  47. Norway
  48. Switzerland
  49. Estonia
  50. Iceland
  51. Finland

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