The World’s Most Expensive Passports Announced! Here Is Turkey’s Ranking And Prices

Australia ranked first in the list of the world's most expensive passports. Here is Turkey's ranking and the fees paid for the world's most expensive passports...

The countries with the highest passport prices have been announced. According to data from insurance firm William Russell, Australia is the country with the highest passport prices.

The cost of a passport in Australia was announced as 230 dollars.

Mexico ranked 2nd in the list of the world’s most expensive passports with 170 dollars.

Switzerland, a European country, follows Mexico with 140 dollars.

Italy, a Mediterranean country, ranked 4th in the list. The country’s passport is worth 135 dollars.

The US ranked 5th with 130 dollars, while New Zealand ranked 6th with a passport price of 128 dollars. Other countries on the list are Chile (127 dollars), Canada (125 dollars), Japan (115 dollars).

Turkey ranked 10th in the list with a passport fee of 110 dollars.

Cheapest Passports

The countries that pay the least for a passport are Czechia ($27), Latvia ($29), Spain ($33), Poland ($35) and Slovakia ($35).

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