The world is talking about what Kylian Mbappe said to Acun Ilıcalı

The world is talking about what Kylian Mbappe said to Acun Ilıcalı

Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe was the guest of the opening night of the “Shoulder to Shoulder” charity campaign, which was broadcast live. This move of the famous football player who spoke live with Acun Ilıcalı, the presenter of the night, and supported Turkey, had wide repercussions in the world press. The headline was “A wonderful gesture from Mbappe to Turkey” in the foreign press.

The football world gave “Shoulder to Shoulder” to heal the wounds of the earthquake disaster. World-famous football player Kylian Mbappe also attended the charity night where Turkish football came together. The French star’s message of support to Turkey received wide coverage in the foreign press.


Kylian Mbappe’s participation in the broadcast on the historical night had a great impact in the world press. Onze Mondial made the headline “Great gesture from Mbappe for Turkey”. Daily Sport France, on the other hand, said, “Mbappe, who participated in the aid program on Turkish television, supported those affected by the earthquake disaster.” used expressions.


In the news of La Voix de Nord, “Kylian Mbappe announced that he will use every means possible to help earthquake victims in Turkey.” has been told. Blasting News In France, the dialogue between Acun Ilıcalı and Mbappe was featured, “Mbappe was asked not to score a goal against Turkey in the aid program he participated in. Mbappe approved this request with a smile and raising his fingers.” expressions are used.

Kylian Mbappe


Kylian Mbappe made a post for Turkey from his social media account after the live broadcast. The French star’s post received thousands of interactions in a short time.


Mbappe said in a live broadcast, “I am proud to be a part of this program. It is a great tragedy in Turkey. There has been so much pain. I can’t even imagine what Turkey is going through. World football community.” It’s important to me. It’s an extraordinary task. I hope everything will be much better for Turkey. I chose to speak French. It’s a great tragedy. It was too big for our imagination. I can’t even imagine what Turkey is going through.” I am proud to be a part of it. First of all, the dreams of people and children are of course very important. I will use all the means at my disposal for them. I will do my best to help off the pitch. “I think we can bring back the smiles of many children.”

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