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Nuclear order from Kim Jong-un! The world is on alert

Nuclear order from Kim Jong-un! The world is on alert

The news from North Korea, known as the most closed country to the outside world, alarmed the world. After the nuclear order of the country’s leader Kim, 1.4 million Korean soldiers were enlisted.

North Korea, led by Kim Jong-un, is considered one of the most closed and ‘mysterious’ countries in the world.

In the country where internet access is restricted, millions of people live in a completely different ‘reality’.

The country, where connection with the world is strictly punished, is also home to an extremely large army.

North Korea, which has increased its military expenditures considerably recently, has taken a step that alarmed the world.

Nuclear order from Kim Jong-un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un accused the United States and South Korea of conducting military exercises with American weapons, while urging her country to be ready to launch a nuclear strike, state media KCNA reported.

Who Underlined the Claim That This Will Be a Deterrent Action.

US-based Fox News presented this development to its readers with the headline ‘North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called for the US and South Korea to prepare for a nuclear attack’.

The North Korean leader made the following statements in his statement;

‘North Korea’s nuclear power, with its high war readiness, will powerfully deter, control and direct the reckless actions and provocations of the enemy, and will carry out its important task without hesitation in any undesirable situation.’

State media claimed that more than 1.4 million North Koreans had volunteered to enlist or re-enlist.


On the other hand, the simulation carried out by China’s top aerospace defense institute announced that they discovered deadly gaps in the US defense system and that North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile could hit the US.

According to the research team, North Korea’s nuclear-capable Hwasong-15 missile, with a range of about 13,000 kilometers, is enough to hit the entire US homeland. Moreover, it only needs 33 minutes for this.

Nuclear order from Kim Jong-un! The world is on alert

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